oh that Dexter Morgan

Confession time, I WATCH TELEVISION!!! Yes I watch tv and I always have. I have to say the more blogs I followed the more I saw how many people we're not watching tv. At first I felt a little ashamed reading blog after blog with no television in their lives. I actually admire people that watch very little to no tv. Its something I probably could never do simply because I'm not that person. I enjoy tv, and I watch EVERYTHING. From golden girls and I love lucy to housewives I watch it all. I will say I don't watch the way I used to, with a toddler obviously you can't and I pat myself on the back that Ardo shows very little interest in tv right now. (must be his daddys influence) But my favorite show right now and for a long while is DEXTER! I love me some Dexter Morgan. In case you've never watched, Dexter is about a serial killer who only kills bad guys. That's the shortened version, its such a well scripted, well acted show. And I'm obsessed. I didn't watch the first few seasons, I had heard about it but I just didn't get into it, my brother would tell me all the time I needed to watch. I moved to Alabama and Jerry couldn't believe I didn't watch. So one week while he was off from work we had a Dexter marathon and watched 3 seasons in one week! From then on I've been hooked. If you don't watch I highly suggest you do. You'll find yourself really rooting for a serial killer and completely justify why he kills. Or if you're like me, when certain characters come on, you'll want him to kill them (i.e. Lila oh I still hate her!) Okay confession time over. =)
P.s. Anyone else watch Dexter? What did you think about Sundays episode?


  1. Dexter is the BEST! I can't get enough, ever. I was the same way at first, very resistant and then it happened. I'm constantly rooting for him to kill people....

  2. I love TV too and I'm not ashamed of it! I haven't watched Dexter before, but I love everything from the Food Network to old reruns of the Simpsons and Seinfeld, and things like the Big Bang Theory.


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