I didn't know what to anticipate this Halloween. I was excited for Ardo to actually be able to walk and say please (he doesn't know how to say please but he can sign please). I don't think Ardo understood that when trick or treating you are not going over to the local neighbors for a sit down visit. Every house he tried going inside! Most of our neighbors are elderly so they welcomed it. Needless to say he slowed us down just a bit, and so much for him walking around the neighborhood, Ardo was a slow poke! He was so fascinated with all the kids out and all the costumes, this mama banana wound up holding her monkey most of the time, switching off with daddy banana and Jerrys cousin. Regardless of the extra exercise, we had such a great time. The look on Ardo's face when he received candy simply for standing at the door, was priceless. Oh what to do with all this candy our Ardo can't have just yet. We're donating most of it to Jerry's work, I have NO self control.

ps just a tip, if you ever, ever decide to dress like a banana for Halloween, be prepared to be harrassed ALL.NIGHT.LONG! I'm not kidding when I say people were honking and screaming BANANA outta their cars, and from across the street, again ALL.NIGHT.LONG! So worth it tho, my little Banana-Monkey Family.

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  1. This is ADORABLE! I love the family themed costumes! So much fun!


    1. Thank you!! I figure while we can still control what our little will dress up as, Ill keep the family theme as long as possible!

  2. omg...toooo cute! Hailey did Cinderella...so my options were limited. I went with the mom thing and did kitty ears :-D

  3. Such adorable costumes!!

    Hi! I am your newest follower and was hoping that you would follow me back!



  4. Cutest little monkey around. Love this family costume idea ;)
    xo TJ


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