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Something happened the other day. I know I said I wouldn't be mentioning Ardos not sleeping through the night anymore but I kinda have too. As I've been writing the past few weeks have been really tough on Jerry and I. It's not so much Ardo not sleeping as much as it is the crying. If he was just awake, that would be one thing but when he's crying and carrying on that's what makes things hectic. So the other morning he woke us up at 7am. We got up with him gave him breakfast and then started to get ready for the day. Around 8:30 Ardo had a crying fit. Jerry was trying to console him but he was kinda throwing a little tantrum, so I told Jerry to leave him and let him cry. I was in our room getting ready and our room shares a wall with the neighbor (we live in a duplex).

Our neighbor is a single woman in her early 30's. She is quiet as a little church mouse, she never has guests over, she has no kids or pets so its easy for a single woman to stay quiet on her side. Us on the other hand we have a 19 month old (cranky) toddler, two dogs, and, US. I think we try to be respectful to our neighbor but are we the quietest? I doubt it.

So back to Ardo's fit, Friday morning he was carrying on and I told Jerry to just let him cry. The next thing I hear is 3 bangs coming from the wall. I wasn't exactly sure if it was the neighbor at first. I quickly jumped up and asked Jerry if someone was here? No. Then I peaked outside to see if the neighbor had a visitor? No. Then I got mad. The neighbor had banged on the wall. I got mad because my initial thought was, "I'm so tired! I'm already dealing with my cranky tot, and now I have to deal with "disturbing" the neighbor." I have to admit my initial reaction was to bang on the wall back. That was the 17 year old inside me. But I didn't. Ardo stopped his fussing we finished getting ready and off we went. The whole day I thought about my neighbor and our situation. I had a feeling at some point if Ardo kept going the way he was going, we were going to hear from the neighbor but I always figured, she would come over, or write a note, so her reaction surprised me.

By Sunday I thought, during the week I'll go over to my neighbors and talk to her. I'll apologize, but the problem I was having is, I don't know how to make it stop. I don't have a solution. I've been thinking of a solution for the few weeks and nothing is working. Sunday night there's a knock at the door, yes it was my neighbor. (P.s. want to know what Ardo was doing? He was crying in his room because I was changing his diaper.) Jerry opened the door and spoke with her. She brought us CUPCAKES and just wanted to talk about the noise. She said, she understood there isn't that much we can do, but wanted us to be aware she can really hear him through the walls. She asked if maybe instead of bringing him into our room as he's fussing if we could maybe take him into the living? She apologized for banging on the wall but she said she was frustrated that morning and just reacted. Jerry apologized to her and told her Ardo was going through a fussy, wake up all throughout the night phase. He said we try and get him calm as soon as possible but sometimes he just wants to cry. She said she wanted to have an open communication with us. I was so relieved, because we did feel bad, and I guess our walls are thinner than we thought (I wonder what else she can hear from our bedroom????) I really appreciated her coming over. It's nice to know she wanted to make us aware but she wasn't angry and she understands as much as she can about what is going on over here. Will all crying stop? No never, but we are trying over here.

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