Pinterest Party

Have you ever gone to your very first Pinterest party and forgotten your camera? Yeah me too. My friend Laura (not that Laura, Julies sister Laura) had a Pinterest party on Friday. Everyone had to bring a dish or drink they found on Pinterest with the recipe. I wanted so badly to make Cinnamon Pumpkin Rolls, but I dont know what I was doing all week and procrastinated. Then I remembered, um duh, I work til 5 the party is at 6, when am I supposed to make them!?!? So I spoke with the host and she helped me with a mocktail.
Friday night and I was at a crafting party, I really love this mama-me.
Saturday night was a different story, and I thought I was 24 again (more on that later).
If you'd like to see my pinterest you can do so here!


  1. A Pinterest party?? That sounds so awesome!!

  2. What Traci (drinkcitra) said.

    I have never heard of that before! It sounds really fun
    I dont use Pinterest that much, not sure why, I have had it for
    so long now, perhaps I should get to it!

    Btw, these look great, everyone did so nicely!

    Thanks for coming by earlier :D

  3. This looks so fun! I want a Pinterest party! Thanks for stoping by our blog! We are your newest follower!


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