Halloween ... last year

Last year was Ardo's first Halloween. Since I wasn't blogging just yet (I had thoughts but I just wasn't ready) I wanted to share a few pictures before I share this years. Ardo was 6 months old and the tiniest little lion. We went trick or treating, or trick or pushing (he was in his stroller). Oh he was so little and sweet, kinda a cry baby, but mostly sweet. Mama was the scarecrow, daddy was the tin man, and Ardo was our cowardly lion. I have big plans for us tomorrow and trick or treating. Mainly they consist of Ardo walking up to the house and open his candy bag. We don't let him have candy yet so I wonder who's gonna eat it??? Well if Jerry and I have to make the sacrifice I guess we just have too!! Last year we also put Ardo in a pumpkin, that has been one of the best executed ideas I've had. I sure hope baby #2 will be small enough to keep the tradition going. (I'm not pregnant just thinking ahead)
Have a safe and happy Halloween!

wizard of oz family baby in a pumpkin


  1. So stinkin' adorable! That last photo just melts my heart:-) xoxo

  2. What a handsome lion he was! Excited to see pics from last night! I saw the one on instagram. You guys looked adorable!

    1. Thanks Kendra! I probably had a better time trick or treating than any of the kids.

  3. Im nominating you for a Liebster award! Check my blog pretty soon for the post with all the details you need!



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