Halloween ... last year

Last year was Ardo's first Halloween. Since I wasn't blogging just yet (I had thoughts but I just wasn't ready) I wanted to share a few pictures before I share this years. Ardo was 6 months old and the tiniest little lion. We went trick or treating, or trick or pushing (he was in his stroller). Oh he was so little and sweet, kinda a cry baby, but mostly sweet. Mama was the scarecrow, daddy was the tin man, and Ardo was our cowardly lion. I have big plans for us tomorrow and trick or treating. Mainly they consist of Ardo walking up to the house and open his candy bag. We don't let him have candy yet so I wonder who's gonna eat it??? Well if Jerry and I have to make the sacrifice I guess we just have too!! Last year we also put Ardo in a pumpkin, that has been one of the best executed ideas I've had. I sure hope baby #2 will be small enough to keep the tradition going. (I'm not pregnant just thinking ahead)
Have a safe and happy Halloween!

wizard of oz family baby in a pumpkin


someones following me

I think Ardo has a little soft spot in his heart for pigs just like his mama. Or maybe when we go out I constantly point out pigs and then we buy him pig balloons for fun? Either way, I'm happy. I'm sure you guys have seen these little animal balloons at the mall. They're really cute and way easier to walk than trying to walk Goliath. My mom put the weight of the balloon inside Ardo's shirt pocket, he's having the darnedest time trying to figure out how that pig is still behind him!


honest toddler

Is everyone keen to honest toddler and no one's told me about it? The other day I was emailing with my cousin and we were both complaining about our tots. For some reason both of our boys are having a hard time at bed time. For awhile now Ardo's routine is the same, eat. play. bath. bed. But these past few nights have a been a killer. We put him down and he cries and cries. We take him out of his crib, settle him down, put him back in and then the cries come back. Tuesday after work Jerry and I took him to the park to play, I thought maybe he has more energy to burn. Finally after four days, he went down with ease. Oh what a beautiful night that was. Anyway back to Honest Toddler. My cousin sent me the link and said "you're going to die laughing." OMG, dying I was. Honest Toddler is on twitter and tweets from the eyes of a toddler. The funny thing is I talk about Ardo all the time and I impersonate his inner monologue. I was laughing so hard at the tweets because so many days I've thought he was thinking the same thing! I've told him more than once, please dont grow up. I've also held him so tight he makes that, stop-hugging-me noise. They also have a website, but I haven't read too many stories yet.  I did catch the poem, You Look Prettier When You Smile. Im hoping to catch up on more stories, but for now the tweets have me rolling, some of the hilarious ones I found were ::

Honest Toddler
Jumped off the kitchen table. Turns out believing you can fly isn't enough. Thanks for the lies R Kelly.

Honest Toddler
Accidentally said I wanted an Awful for breakfast. Meant Waffle. She laughed in my face and told Facebook. :(

Honest Toddler
Dear Toddler Clothing Manufacturers, WE HAVE BIG HEADS.

Honest Toddler
What is a bathroom door, really. Other than a love barrier.

and my personal fav ::

Honest Toddler
The awkward moment when mommy hugs you way too tight for way too long and whispers something creepy like "Don't grow." Get a grip.

You can Follow Honest Toddler on Twitter here. I'm getting my daily dose.


and then goliath turned 3

Yes, we had a little birthday party for Goliath. Goliath was such a good boy. Truth be told Goliath loves people, but maybe a little bit too much, and when you have a 65lb short beast running towards you, some may not think it's as cute as we do. (still working on that with him, hopefully one day) I baked a little cake except I completely underestimated how long everything would take to make, especially with Ardo, so we didn't actually enjoy any until the next day. My mom and sisters brought a gift and we finally got a picture of him opening a gift, okay a little more like destroying, but you get the picture. You know I have to say, although I don't walk Goliath everyday like I should, sheesh once a week if he's lucky, and of course things had to change once Ardo came, I don't think he's taken a complete back seat like I thought he might. I think it's easy because he loves Ardo so much, and Ardo loves him back.  In the last picture if you're wondering why both Ardo and Goliath look like the are being bribed with food, it's because they are. =)

a little note from me to Goliath

Goliath, thank you for always snoring in my ear at night. Thank you for taking up most of the bed and insisting yourself under the covers. Thank you for never wanting to go outside in the morning instead insisting on being dragged out. Thank you for constantly giving me the predator face. But really, thank you for always wanting to cuddle.  Thank you for being so gentle with little brother, even when he rolls on top of you and pulls your ears. But most of all thank you for being the bestest pup anyone could ask for, 
we love you sweet G.
bulldogbirthday bulldog birthday bulldog birthday


pumpkin patch

Halloween is my favorite time of year. My birthday actually starts off my holiday season ;). Then the next thing I know its October, and then Halloween. Last year we took Ardo to the pumpkin patch and for a 6 month old he had the best time he could. Hay rides were great and we got some good pictures with the pumpkins, but he was 6 months, so before long he was over it and ready to go home. One year later we ventured off to the pumpkin patch again and this time a walking Ardo had a ball. It helped we went with Laura and Tim and their sweeter than sweet girls. Laura and Tims daughter Brooke is a few months old than Ardo and I just love watching them interact. Ardo can be a little passive (gets that from Jerry) and Brooke can be a little fire-cracker, they are the perfect balance. Sometimes they hold hands, and I can't get my camera out quick enough. I feel so lucky to have friends like Laura and Tim. Friends we can share memories like this with, friends who understand 100% if Ardo would have cried the entire time. It's just such a nice feeling to know their parents, so they get it.
Let me just set the mood of the day, weather was about 70. Both toddlers were napped and fed. Parents had energy and little Dylan, well she's only 6 weeks so she can act however she pleases. Perfect day!
Oh and a small announcement :: People of my blog! I am actually featured in this post in two pictures!! Dont scroll to quickly or you'll miss me. Ha!

Are you ready for a pumpkin patch photo bomb?? Cause it's coming your way 3..2..1..

P.s. I'm not gonna lie, that little Dylan gives me baby fever like no ones business, I just love her. Jerry and I were fighting over who gets to hold her longer. Thank you Laura for sharing!


someones gotta birthday coming up ...

My sweet little Goliath will be 3 years old on Sunday. I honestly can't believe he'll be 3. Goliath was my first REAL dog, he was also my first baby. I say my first baby because we got Goliath very young. He was 5 1/2 weeks old. I know normally you aren't supposed to get pups until they are 6-8 weeks but our little guy stopped nursing early because he had shark teeth at 4 weeks. Our breeder gave us the okay to take him home and he's been with us ever since. Because we got him at a younger age, he literally woke up all throughout the night to eat. Sometimes he wouldn't go back to sleep until he was rocked. My little guy ... and on Sunday he'll be 3. Goliath gets a lot of attention in our house for multiple reasons:

1. He's a big dog, so when we let him in from outside, he comes CHARGING.

2. I'm sure you've heard english bulldogs can be high maintenance, I'm telling you from experience, they are. He has bad allergies. Two allergies pills a day and three when the polland is heavy. Eye drops and cleaning between his wrinkles. He needs nightly cleanings of his tail (and underneath). He doesn't mean to be high maintenance, he just is. We're best friends with our vet, so much so Goliath has been known to come in after hours.

3. We co sleep with him. Ask me if we ever co slept with Ardo, answer :: NO! But when we moved into our new apartment Goliath was unsure so to help him feel secure we let him sleep in our bed, and now the beast wont leave! I guess we enable him, but he's a good pup and he's our big boy. Tune in next week for his doggie celebration!

Enjoy some "vintage" pics of our Georgia Peach


My Pops

I have a pretty awesome dad. We're missing him so much right now because he's working in another country. I try not to think about it too much because I'm not really a person who looooves to show my emotions, and thinking of my dad not here everyday, makes me sad. I miss him, he's so funny, and super smart, and he spoils us (when I say us I mostly mean Ardo, but I get things every now and then too). We talk to him on the phone and through email, but the best is sending him videos. (like this one) It makes him so happy to be able to see Ardo.
Little story about my childhood and my pops :: When we were little we'd all make a family trip to Walmart or Target. At the time my dad DID NOT spoil us, he made us work for what we wanted or we just didn't get stuff for whatever reason and that was that. There was one way to get around this, when we were on our little outings, we would sneak things into the cart, then when it was time to check out he just bought everything. (sneaky kids!) Oh the things I did for a lip smackers lip gloss!
We're teaching Ardo how to throw besitos (kisses). He's doing really well. He's just a little distracted in his high chair. It's like he wants to throw kisses but he also wants to eat his chicken - haha!


Pinterest Party

Have you ever gone to your very first Pinterest party and forgotten your camera? Yeah me too. My friend Laura (not that Laura, Julies sister Laura) had a Pinterest party on Friday. Everyone had to bring a dish or drink they found on Pinterest with the recipe. I wanted so badly to make Cinnamon Pumpkin Rolls, but I dont know what I was doing all week and procrastinated. Then I remembered, um duh, I work til 5 the party is at 6, when am I supposed to make them!?!? So I spoke with the host and she helped me with a mocktail.
Friday night and I was at a crafting party, I really love this mama-me.
Saturday night was a different story, and I thought I was 24 again (more on that later).
If you'd like to see my pinterest you can do so here!


San Francisco (the third and final entry)

On Saturday, we went to Pier 45. I'd been there one time before but I'd never been to the Musée Mécanique. This was one of the coolest things we did in San Francisco. Remember the old games that used to be at Farrell's or even Pizza Hut? When Pizza Hut was a place we'd meet after my basketball games as a kid. Well they had all those games. Plus games from probably the early 50's (I'm not sure on the dates of the games so don't quote me, but the games were OLD!) You know what's funny about old games? How creepy some of them can be. Some were old clowns, or creepy monkeys (okay, that might not seem appealing but I swear the games were still neat). Ardo had a fun time running around there, and we put him on the horse. I thought he might be scared but he laughed the whole time. Oh I dont think I told you the best part, ALL THE GAMES...WORK!!! So when you are in San Francisco after eating your chowder, gooooo... you won't regret it!

So this was my trip, I had so much fun and I'm excited to plan another.
Although Jerry and I might not be able too for a little while because it's really time to focus on that wedding (more on the W word...later).

That last picture is creepy right!? Sorry about the glare, they were all behind windows with lights.


San Francisco (the second entry)

This is the tale of the mama who got thrown up on TWICE!! (I'm going to keep saying twice over and over again because I still can't believe it was twice!)

In San Francisco on night one and night two, I got thrown up on. BOTH NIGHTS!! The first night was my fault, Ardo had a cough for a few days and he reached over at the Mexican Restaurant we were at and began to eat a tortilla chip. I don't normally let him do that but since we were on vacation I let him. He ate some and began choking, then the next thing I know he's throwing up. Except instead of throwing up on the table or floor, he turns around and throws up on me. It was the weirdest thing, I wasn't embarrassed because I was thinking well, its not like I'M throwing up, and he's a toddler, what can I do? I tried to make my way to the restroom but was too slow and he threw up on the floor before we got there. I went into the restroom, Helen followed me and I got my tot cleaned up, then myself and walked out like nothing happened. Sat down and proceeded to carry on. My appetite was ruined as one might suspect but the night carried on. We went back to our hotel room and Ardo played for awhile, he had a hard time falling asleep but once he was out we put him in his pac n play and expected to see him in the morning. Well Ardo had other plans and channeled the inner newborn in him and was up all night long. We tried everything. Helen took him to her room at some point and he finally fell asleep. So the morning was a little rough waking up, but the day was great. That night we had sushi. Okay, let me breakdown the sushi restaurant, we walk in with two kids and a toddler. First thing I see is a bar and young woman enjoying cocktails, the restaurant was VERY trendy and when we asked for high chair and the guy looked at us like we were crazy, I figured the night would be fun. Ardo was very good, he ate a little, was passed around the table and we luckily got the best server ever. She was sweet enough to give Ardo a little spoon they use for desserts. WE LOVED HER!! About 20 minutes before we leave Ardo comes back to me and rests his head on my chest. Then outta nowhere for seemingly no reason (although Jerry said he put his fingers in his mouth maybe a little too far) he threw up!! AGAIN!!!!!!!! This time I was shocked. I kept thinking, "Did he really just do that?" By now I'm an expert at cleaning up. I take a deep breath, stand up, take us both to the restroom clean us up and come back to the table. I'm not gonna lie, the rest of the time I was sitting at the table all I could think of was "Did that really just happen? AGAIN!" But it did, and you know what, when I was in labor with Ardo, no pain meds just me and labor, I thought that was my initiation into motherhood, but actually being thrown up on two days in a row on vacation, in my better than Los Angeles clothes feels like my real initiation. My name is Sonya and I'm a mom. My little guy cries, and teethes forever, and walks but prefers to be carried until he wants something then he wants down to destroy. But that's my little guy and he's all mine.
A few more pictures from San Francisco, don't worry sans the vom.

Two clicks and you're done!


San Francisco (the first entry)

Our day started off with a very early plane ride to San Francisco. My brother took us to the airport, we met Jerry's family there and we were off. ARDO WAS AMAZEBALLS!! I honestly had no idea what to anticipate. Ardo had never been on a airplane and truth be told, he doesn't love his car seat. He's a good tot but he's a tot so that means hes.....completely unpredictable. So to my amazement he enjoyed himself. We sat for an hour on the plane, his face showed he knew something was going on but his good attitude showed he didn't exactly know what that was, so he just enjoyed himself. I think it helped that the flight attendants played with him and Jerry's cousins were on both sides of him, so he had plenty of distractions. We landed with no problem and we were off to explore San Francisco. We stopped at the Bay bridge and just watched the city we were about to enter. We enjoyed a yummy breakfast, then off to the Golden Gate Bridge. Jerry's cousin works in San Francisco during the week then comes to Los Angeles on the weekend to be with his family, what did that mean for us? A personal tour guide. You should have seen him park an expedition in the smallest spaces on the street. SKILLS! The first day we went down Lombard street, saw the air show, walked around Fishermans Wharf and Ardo behaved so beautifully, I couldn't believe it, the first day he was a prince. It wasn't until that night did we realize we actually had a toddler with us. I'm going to break up my trip into two or three parts, I haven't decided yet. The first is this post and how amazing the trip was because Ardo was an angel. And that he was!! I'm so grateful we were able to experience our first family trip and so successfully. Walking around with our stroller or Ardo on my hip was special. My family together here and experiencing this together. We took 800 pictures, all of which we will show Ardo when he's older. His first of many trips out of Los Angeles.
My second post will be about the toddler who threw up twice on his mama and stayed up all night. We discovered his canines are coming in (perfect timing), but like I said that's for another post. Tune in later this week for a tale of a nicely dressed mama and the tot who threw up on her =)

by the by, this is my 100th post, so if you wouldn't mind, I might be doing this again, if you click and then click the left owl, I'd sure like it a lot



mommy and me swimming class (oh daddys too)

I have been dying to get Ardo and I into a mommy and me class. I searched the internet and came up empty. I wanted something local, and everything that was available was at least 30 minutes away. I figured if I wanted a mommy and me class to be successful it needed to be local so that way it doesn't become a chore with traffic and all that nonsense. One day in the mail we received our local newspaper. I mean our VERY local newspaper, I don't know what made me decide to look inside seeing as I usually use the paper for trash or give it to my sister (cause she's weird and likes to read the paper from cover to cover). While browsing and finding out our local Farmers Market has been a success I see what I've been waiting for - Parent & Tot swim class - I was so excited. Finally something for Ardo and I. Ardo as I've shared before LOVES the water so a swim class is a great way to learn a few techniques make a couple friends and have something for just Ardo and me. So I signed us up. I went the first Saturday not knowing what to expect, and Ardo did amazing. The only weird part was the first day there were a lot of kids. The class is from 6 months to 5 years old (yeah, I thought that was a long age range too) but most of the 5 year olds were screaming their heads off. SCREAMING, begging their parents to take them out. It was freaking out all the smaller kids. Ardo didnt care tho, he splashed and played and kicked. I was a proud mama when some of the dads were telling their kids "Look, that baby is much younger than you and he's having a great time!" I could have sworn I heard a 5 year old say "good for him." haha
Jerry was upset he missed for first class, so I let him go with Ardo to the second class. I guess this is the only upside to this weather, swim class in late September early October, but that's the only compliment this weather is going to get from me!

Tomorrow is our trip to San Francisco, I can't wait. I've been reading up on toddlers and plane rides, I hope he's an angel. Hope, hope, hope...

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