the fair

Oooh the fair. First off, bad news, we couldn't for the life of us find the fried beer. But thats okay, we did get a fried twinkie, mmmmm and chocolate covered bacon. Sounds weird but it was pretty good, its one of those things tho all you really need is a taste. Cause after that its kinda, eh, maybe thats all your supposed to eat?? This weather in SUNNY southern california is really becoming ridiculous. Its the middle of September and its still 90! Thankfully we planned on going to the fair in the evening so we were only hot for maybe an hour and then it started to cool off. I hadnt been to the fair in sooo long, the look on Ardo's face was so heartwarming. Everything was brand new to him. Oh and something that is brand new to this mama, Ardo wanted to walk. Remember just a couple weeks ago I expressed my feeling on Ardo and his walking, well I think he may have been on my laptop that night because since then, hes walking up a storm. Im so proud of him, but at the fair when he wanted to walk, I suddenly became scared. This child is mobile, walking at home is one thing, but at the fair with dozens of strangers, uuuh thats a complete other! Oh Im never satisfied! :) All in all I'd say Marcy had a great birthday.

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