the biggest winner!

Like I predicted, it wasnt me. However I did lose a couple pounds which makes me two pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight, so Im not too disappointed. Jerry also lost a few pounds but mostly hes toned, which is great for him. Our champs tho, they pulled out all the stops. For the boys the winner lost 41 pounds! Yes you read that right, 41 pounds. Oh and in second place for the boys lost 40. For the girls my good friend Amy lost 18 pounds! But all the girls lost a significant amount (well except me). You know those 10 pounds girls always talk about losing, yeah they lost that. I applaud them. And now to just keep it off! For all of us.

Then after .... we had a "you lost weight now indulge in some bbq" barbeque.


  1. Congratulations! it is a hard work to loose the pounds but even harder is to keep them off.
    Keep up the good work :)

  2. Great blog! Thanks for stopping by Chasing Hailey...I am now your newest follower!

  3. Awwww Thanks Sonya!! Hard work pays off!! woot woot!

  4. Love pictures of me stuffing my face! Hey, remember that photo of me eating cake at your "secret" baby shower?

    1. you must of found your identity..

    2. Maybe it does that because you arent signed in? Not sure, but amy is right, you found it!


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