same park, new adventure

Im a learning mama. Ardo is my first boo, so everyday I feel as tho Im learning something new. Just when I think I know all about Ardo he does something new and different and then I remind myself, everyday Im learning. Now that Ardo is really actually mobile, going to the same places we've always gone is a brand new adventure, for him and us. The park is one of those places. I remember thinking a few months ago I wonder what itll be like when Ardo is walking. The question was answered and I have to say the park was more fun. He saw another tot on the sand and walked right over to him and called him a baby. Then looked up at us and smiled. Then tried his best to walk up the slide. It was hilarious. He then marched up and down with his hands everywhere half dancing half just acting plain cray. I love that kid so much. Went to Sea World today! I hope he loved Shamu as much as I did!

a little video of what I mean by Ardo trying to get climb up the slide. Sorry its not horizontal. I didnt realize this til I downloaded it!

ArdoSlide from Sonya Gomez on Vimeo.

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