My Birthday

Growing up I have to admit I absolutely looooved my birthday. I used to joke with my family and say it should be a national holiday. As the years have gone by and now with Ardo I havent been able to do as much. Actually a few days before my 26th birthday I found out I was pregnant which was an awesome birthday gift except the day after I found out I caught a cold with the fever and chills it was awful. I kept thinking shouldn't I be throwing up? Why do I have a cold? So that birthday I basically did nothing. Birthday 27 was great except again on my actual birthday I caught another cold!?!? Yes I know two years in a row, weird! But this birthday there was no cold to beat and it was wonderful. The whole day was filled with birthday wishes, most of them were hilarious and had me laughing all day. The bosses took me out for a great lunch and then at night dinner with the family. The whole family Jerrys side too. It was really sweet. And you know having a 17 month old son actually makes me feel younger. If that makes any sense. I look at Ardo and Jerry and my life thus far and I feel so accomplished. And I have a feeling year 28 will be filled with lots of special surprises and planned surprised too! Cheers to another year!

I wasnt sure I wanted a cake, but Jerry surprised me with one, very simple, strawberries with whip cream, it was a great surprise! My actual birthday is September 25. I had another birthday dinner last night which you can see that yummy steak here. I dont think Ill ever eat again the way Ive been eating this week!


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