Happy Birthday Marcy!

I dont think I can say enough good things about my little sister Marcy. She really is my sister, my bestie, my rambling partner all rolled into one. We once rambled right through a car accident. Our own!! (more on that another day) I cant help to ramble with her cause she tells the best stories, she does impressions and everything. (Almost as funny as my mom....almost!) Most people who know my sister would probably describe her as quiet, and she has always been described this way, I would describe her as observant. In a group, she may not be the loudest, but she knows everything that happened. Then after, more stories!
And Ardo, he just cant get enough of his nina. He loves her so much, shes his buddy too. Actually in our family she's all our buddies. Happy Birthday Marc (I didnt leave out the y Im writing Marc) We sure do love you!


  1. Hi, I followed you over from "Follow Me Wednesday". I look forward to getting to know you better through your blog.

  2. Awww so cute! My sister is my bff and shes amazing so polar opposite of me not even funny. Shes all the things Im not and thats why we get along. LOL!!!

    Great post!!!

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  3. What a wonderful Sister relationship you 2 have! Happy Birthday Marcy!


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