In the beginning, before our precious Ardo, and even before the beast (our beloved Goliath and our first baby together) there was ATTICUS. I dont speak much about Atticus on this blog, simply because Atticus is a different type of dog. Ill never forget the day I met Atticus. I went to visit Jerry in Alabama for the first time in 8 years. When we arrived at his condo, he warned me, "I have a dog and he loves to play fetch, dont get him started cause he'll never stop." AND HE NEVER DID! Atticus has a bit of anxiety. In the world of blogging where pictures are essential, his constant movement makes him hard to capture. He barks constantly at anything and everything. Hes not a cuddler. And he doesnt really take an active interest in Ardo. Its funny too because, when we first brought Ardo home, Atticus would sleep next to his crib, sometimes he'd jump up putting his paws on each side and cry, trying to get a closer smell of the new bundle. Then a few months passed and Ardo learned to roll, once Ardo was mobile Atticus was like....Im done. But thats just Atticus' personality. And what are you gonna do. We love him for it. So, thats Atticus, introduced to this blog properly. =)
Just FYI, Atticus is an Australian Shepard mix, and Jerry rescued him from the Montgomery Shelter. Jerry said when he was a puppy he was a fur ball, however there arent pictures of the fur ball because Jerrys not a picture taker. Boo!

Brothers! and yes Im bribing them with food to keep them still.

An older picture of the two boys together. Goliath is sooo little. They used to lay like this on the couch all the time in good ole' Bama.

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