ardo and the giant peach

This child LOVES fruit. Im not complaining its a wonderful thing, if only he'd like veggies the world would be perfect, but little by little. And with this heat wave again, (yes a HEAT-WAVE in the middle of September) he cant get enough. We havent given him juice yet, only milk and water, so I think for him just eating the fruit is the next best thing.

The fair tomorrow should be fun its only supposed to be 93. Thank goodness we decided to leave at 4pm. My mom made a good point, she said "at least we know the day will only get cooler." A little bird told me this year the fair has fried beer. YES, FRIED BEER! Im veeery curious. Oh I cant wait.

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  1. my daughter is also a fruit lover as well which I l-o-v-e. she never used to be, then I started having big plates of mixed fruit for dinner after work and she wanted to eat what her mama was eating. Now that my daughter is 2 I get to be stricter with the eating because she understand consequences better, such as "if you eat all your broccolli you can watch a cartoon after lunch. If you leave any on your plate there won't be any cartoons" and i can assure you, all the broccolli gets eaten ;-) lol. I'm so mean.


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