My Birthday

Growing up I have to admit I absolutely looooved my birthday. I used to joke with my family and say it should be a national holiday. As the years have gone by and now with Ardo I havent been able to do as much. Actually a few days before my 26th birthday I found out I was pregnant which was an awesome birthday gift except the day after I found out I caught a cold with the fever and chills it was awful. I kept thinking shouldn't I be throwing up? Why do I have a cold? So that birthday I basically did nothing. Birthday 27 was great except again on my actual birthday I caught another cold!?!? Yes I know two years in a row, weird! But this birthday there was no cold to beat and it was wonderful. The whole day was filled with birthday wishes, most of them were hilarious and had me laughing all day. The bosses took me out for a great lunch and then at night dinner with the family. The whole family Jerrys side too. It was really sweet. And you know having a 17 month old son actually makes me feel younger. If that makes any sense. I look at Ardo and Jerry and my life thus far and I feel so accomplished. And I have a feeling year 28 will be filled with lots of special surprises and planned surprised too! Cheers to another year!

I wasnt sure I wanted a cake, but Jerry surprised me with one, very simple, strawberries with whip cream, it was a great surprise! My actual birthday is September 25. I had another birthday dinner last night which you can see that yummy steak here. I dont think Ill ever eat again the way Ive been eating this week!


sea world

I probably had one of the best times ever at Sea World. Jerry had actually never been there, and of course it was Ardos first time, they couldnt have enjoyed it more. I think Jerry took about 100 pictures of Shamu (dont worry I wont share them all). The look on Ardos face when he saw the underwater creatures was priceless. You know whats amazing about raising a little being, you get to experience things all over for the first time again, but through your babies eyes. Ardos reaction changes my reaction. I love being able to show him something and forever that will be his memory. Even if he doesnt necessarily remember at that moment the pictures will tell the stories. Jerry and I did everything we set out to do. We saw three different shows and every exhibit, all that with lunch and a toddler, I think we did pretty good! Happy Early Birthday to this Mama!


same park, new adventure

Im a learning mama. Ardo is my first boo, so everyday I feel as tho Im learning something new. Just when I think I know all about Ardo he does something new and different and then I remind myself, everyday Im learning. Now that Ardo is really actually mobile, going to the same places we've always gone is a brand new adventure, for him and us. The park is one of those places. I remember thinking a few months ago I wonder what itll be like when Ardo is walking. The question was answered and I have to say the park was more fun. He saw another tot on the sand and walked right over to him and called him a baby. Then looked up at us and smiled. Then tried his best to walk up the slide. It was hilarious. He then marched up and down with his hands everywhere half dancing half just acting plain cray. I love that kid so much. Went to Sea World today! I hope he loved Shamu as much as I did!

a little video of what I mean by Ardo trying to get climb up the slide. Sorry its not horizontal. I didnt realize this til I downloaded it!

ArdoSlide from Sonya Gomez on Vimeo.


my final decision

After much comparing (veeery much comparing) I finally decided on an umbrella stroller.  2 weeks of looking at strollers and going back and forth I decided, oops I mean "We" decided, went with the Uppababy G Luxe. OMG. I love it. The reason I had such a hard time deciding was, I couldnt figure out if I wanted the seat to recline or not. When it comes to Ardo sleeping hes not one of those tots that sleeps AAANYWHERE, (Oh I wish he was) so I decided for us a reclining seat was a must.  Friday afternoon we went down to giggle and picked it up. And in my true Libra form, I decided on the orange one, I took it home, set it up, took one look at the canopy, which on the orange stroller is beige, and thought, "thats gonna get so dirty so fast!" So off to giggle I went on Saturday and exchange it for the very handsome but darker red stroller. Ardo liked it too, he kept trying to get in it as I was trying to put the wheels on! So happy with my purchase!


the fair

Oooh the fair. First off, bad news, we couldn't for the life of us find the fried beer. But thats okay, we did get a fried twinkie, mmmmm and chocolate covered bacon. Sounds weird but it was pretty good, its one of those things tho all you really need is a taste. Cause after that its kinda, eh, maybe thats all your supposed to eat?? This weather in SUNNY southern california is really becoming ridiculous. Its the middle of September and its still 90! Thankfully we planned on going to the fair in the evening so we were only hot for maybe an hour and then it started to cool off. I hadnt been to the fair in sooo long, the look on Ardo's face was so heartwarming. Everything was brand new to him. Oh and something that is brand new to this mama, Ardo wanted to walk. Remember just a couple weeks ago I expressed my feeling on Ardo and his walking, well I think he may have been on my laptop that night because since then, hes walking up a storm. Im so proud of him, but at the fair when he wanted to walk, I suddenly became scared. This child is mobile, walking at home is one thing, but at the fair with dozens of strangers, uuuh thats a complete other! Oh Im never satisfied! :) All in all I'd say Marcy had a great birthday.


Happy Birthday Marcy!

I dont think I can say enough good things about my little sister Marcy. She really is my sister, my bestie, my rambling partner all rolled into one. We once rambled right through a car accident. Our own!! (more on that another day) I cant help to ramble with her cause she tells the best stories, she does impressions and everything. (Almost as funny as my mom....almost!) Most people who know my sister would probably describe her as quiet, and she has always been described this way, I would describe her as observant. In a group, she may not be the loudest, but she knows everything that happened. Then after, more stories!
And Ardo, he just cant get enough of his nina. He loves her so much, shes his buddy too. Actually in our family she's all our buddies. Happy Birthday Marc (I didnt leave out the y Im writing Marc) We sure do love you!


ardo and the giant peach

This child LOVES fruit. Im not complaining its a wonderful thing, if only he'd like veggies the world would be perfect, but little by little. And with this heat wave again, (yes a HEAT-WAVE in the middle of September) he cant get enough. We havent given him juice yet, only milk and water, so I think for him just eating the fruit is the next best thing.

The fair tomorrow should be fun its only supposed to be 93. Thank goodness we decided to leave at 4pm. My mom made a good point, she said "at least we know the day will only get cooler." A little bird told me this year the fair has fried beer. YES, FRIED BEER! Im veeery curious. Oh I cant wait.


On Sunday

we're walking in Pasadena and Ardo spots a fire hydrogen for the first time and then decides he needs to stop and examine it. Normally this would be adorable to me, my mom and sisters. But when its 97 degrees outside with 80% humidity, its a very hot cute. Ardo was so fascinated with the fire hydrogen, Im not kidding, he didnt want to leave.
Also...Im on the hunt for an umbrella stroller. Im having the HARDEST TIME!! Ive narrowed it down (I think). Recently Jerry and I have planned a few trips. This week is my sister Marcys birthday, and were going to the fair (Ardos first time). Then Sea World, aaaaaand San Francisco!! We have a beautiful stroller now that Ive gotten some great use out of but I think having a smaller umbrella stroller would be better for traveling. Now its just time to decide. Oh, its so difficult! Any suggestions would be appreciated! I think Im starting to drive my sister crazy.



The most wonderful month of all the months! (in my opinion) Oh beautiful September, you are finally here. Why do I love the month of September so much? I promise, Im not just saying this because September is MY birthday month. September is the home to a few birthdays of close friends and cousins. Not to mention my sister Marcy and of course sweet Oliver who will be turning one at the end of the month. My good friend Laura will be having her baby girl (any day) in this wonderful month along with their 2nd wedding anniversary. My parents celebrate their 32nd wedding anniversary. And something very special happened on September 22, 2010. I found out I was pregnant with Ardo. Oh this month and my love for it.

Heres a short story about the best birthday gift I could have given myself! I'll never forget joking with Laura on a Friday, telling her I was a few days late while we were prepping for her wedding. I didnt feel any different. My cycle had been a week late the month before so I figured I still had time. The days went by and while Jerry and I were in the drive through at In-N-Out, again I joked, that was Sunday. By Tuesday when nothing came for me, I figured maybe I should I test. Of course I had a test handy as I usually do. I took it, started the shower and hopped in like any other day. I peeked outta the shower to see if the test was done and lo and beyond it read "PREGNANT". Then I started giggling uncontrollably. I couldn't believe it 3 days before my 26th birthday. And thats when I thought....its a boy! I just know it. And he was.

Something weird :: I have no pictures to for this post. Hope you still enjoy. And thank you for the kind words on my last post about Ardo and walking. Its nice to know I'm not alone!

sidenote:: Im not trying to ignore September 11 by any means. I just didnt want to mention it in this post. Although I can still recall everything about that day as well.


still working on walking

Ardo has been "walking" for about a month now. His progress is moving at the pace of a snail. But he is getting better and walking further. I guess I just assumed once he started on two feet, he'd be running soon after. Ardo has definitely shown me he does everything on his terms. This mama is trying to be patient. But as a mother, it can be difficult. I want to see my baby take those next steps into toddler-hood. I remind myself daily that Ardo doesnt know "oh Im 16 months, I should be doing xyz". Hes just doing what he's doing. So to any mamas out there, who's tot isnt performing on command when a stranger asks YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

ps Can someone please explain to me when it became acceptable for people to go down a list of questions asking what your tot can do? My mom keeps trying to keep me sane by telling me no one means anything by it and its there way of making conversation. Which I guess I can understand, but sheesh, sometimes I feel as tho Im getting grilled by the po-po. (I dont actually know what it feels like but from watching Law & Order, its seems a lot like it)

Enjoy this video. The look Ardo has is so sweet, he's so proud of himself!


the biggest winner!

Like I predicted, it wasnt me. However I did lose a couple pounds which makes me two pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight, so Im not too disappointed. Jerry also lost a few pounds but mostly hes toned, which is great for him. Our champs tho, they pulled out all the stops. For the boys the winner lost 41 pounds! Yes you read that right, 41 pounds. Oh and in second place for the boys lost 40. For the girls my good friend Amy lost 18 pounds! But all the girls lost a significant amount (well except me). You know those 10 pounds girls always talk about losing, yeah they lost that. I applaud them. And now to just keep it off! For all of us.

Then after .... we had a "you lost weight now indulge in some bbq" barbeque.



In the beginning, before our precious Ardo, and even before the beast (our beloved Goliath and our first baby together) there was ATTICUS. I dont speak much about Atticus on this blog, simply because Atticus is a different type of dog. Ill never forget the day I met Atticus. I went to visit Jerry in Alabama for the first time in 8 years. When we arrived at his condo, he warned me, "I have a dog and he loves to play fetch, dont get him started cause he'll never stop." AND HE NEVER DID! Atticus has a bit of anxiety. In the world of blogging where pictures are essential, his constant movement makes him hard to capture. He barks constantly at anything and everything. Hes not a cuddler. And he doesnt really take an active interest in Ardo. Its funny too because, when we first brought Ardo home, Atticus would sleep next to his crib, sometimes he'd jump up putting his paws on each side and cry, trying to get a closer smell of the new bundle. Then a few months passed and Ardo learned to roll, once Ardo was mobile Atticus was like....Im done. But thats just Atticus' personality. And what are you gonna do. We love him for it. So, thats Atticus, introduced to this blog properly. =)
Just FYI, Atticus is an Australian Shepard mix, and Jerry rescued him from the Montgomery Shelter. Jerry said when he was a puppy he was a fur ball, however there arent pictures of the fur ball because Jerrys not a picture taker. Boo!

Brothers! and yes Im bribing them with food to keep them still.

An older picture of the two boys together. Goliath is sooo little. They used to lay like this on the couch all the time in good ole' Bama.

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