Tiny Steps

Isnt it amazing how the smallest feet, and littlest movements can mean such big things. After 15 1/2 months Ardo has taken his first steps. Its the funniest thing the way these things happen. Back Story :: A few weeks ago Ardo had his 15 month check up. We mentioned to our Dr that Ardo wasnt walking and basically had no interest. He could stand, but to actually take steps forward, no interest. So our Dr suggested we to take him to a physical therapist and make sure there wasnt a physical reason why he hadnt started walking yet. So the next Monday we all headed to the physical therapist. They ran a few tests and then told us, the good news is his fine motor skills are right at 15 months, however they said he seemed to have a weak core (ha! so does mama, hes not alone). They advised us to bring him in a couple times a week so they can work with him. We thought it was great, he was getting a little help, and we figured he stands so maybe they can encourage his first steps. Yesterday was Ardos first group class in which Daddy and Abues (Jerrys mom) attended. Jerry told me that Ardo wasnt too excited about the class and he was waaaay to busy flirting to get any walking done. Jerry and I both thought it was fine because this is only his second class and he'll get used to it.
Yesterday after work, I was playing with Ardo on the floor and he was all over the place. He really wanted to play with wrapping paper we had, so I let him and I was trying to show him how to play baseball. He was standing with the wrapping paper and I just got this feeling he wanted to move forward. I called him, and he took one step. I called him again, and he took another step. I called for Jerry, I couldnt believe my eyes, this little boy who had absolutely no interest in walking as of Sunday, was taking steps. Jerry grabbed his phone and I called for Ardo again, and this time he took a few steps forward. The look on Ardos face was classic, he was so proud of himself. Well, that was all Ardo needed, after that he was walking back and forth, then we he went into our room and was walking around there. Oh that child of mine... Below is the baby deer in action, we've been calling him that because he literally looks like a baby deer, his legs are so funny so wobbly, but hes on the move.

Ps. Please excuse my clothes of choice, it was hot yesterday.


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