The Busiest Weekend

You know how sometimes you have those weekends that are soooo extremely busy, you wish Monday was also an off day. Im saying now, I wish Monday was also an off day. Oh how difficult it was for me to get up this morning. SOOOOO tired. But one good thing about tired weekends, you know you had fun.

Saturday :: My wonderful friend Laura had a little celebration for the anticipated arrival of her second little on the way. Little Dylan is due is early September (however my guess is she will be here at the end of this month, oh how I cant wait to smell her) Saturday morning it was breakfast, nap for Ardo then off to Dylans celebration. Ardo was such a sweet boy, he was flirting with all the girls it was hilarious. That little guy sure knows how to get attention. Laura has the most amazing parties. Her attention to detail is what makes these parties so unique. She may get a little inspiration here and there but her personal touches are the best. I just absolutely love her and couldnt be more excited about her new little one. Its funny because at her first baby shower we were both preggo. Another friend of ours said "its weird that you're not pregnant too" haha. NOT YET!

Sunday :: A bridal shower for my friend Anna. Oh it was so pretty and the food was insanely good. I was so happy to go to her bridal shower, seeing that I dont plan on having one for myself. Now I know brides arent suppose to plan there own showers but Im definitely going to urge my bridesmaids, that a bridal shower is NOT necessary. However being a guest to a bridal shower, now thats just plain fun. We played games, and sometimes games can be a little boring but these girls were on point with there games. They were so entertaining. The very last game was make a bridal dress. However, instead of using toilet paper we used tissue paper. If I do say so our bride was gorgeous with a long train to match. I had the best time.
Sadly my diet suffered. But today is a new day, and I havent ate one M&M all day long, which for me in my office, is an accomplishment.

And now for your viewing pleasure, lots of photos to match this insanely long post!

and one from the wedding shower, notice the train on that tissue paper dress??

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