the biggest loser :: update the last week

Well its the last week of our Biggest Loser Challenge. FINALLY! I have to say Im probably the biggest winner. Buuut not in a good way. I tried somewhat but I wasnt as committed as I thought I would be. I only have a few pounds to go and yet I act as tho they are impossible to lose. Im very proud of Jerry tho, he works out every single day. No joke. I sure hope no one bet on me.
I have started Bikram Yoga again and after a two year absence, I am loving it. I have to say, it feels so much better this time around. I dont know if its because Im more intuned with myself, or because now that Im a mom I can really appreciate what the instructors mean when they remind the class this 90 minutes is for YOU. Probably both. Next week Ill be posting the results of the weigh in, and the winners of the biggest loser challenge. Below is probably the reason Im NOT winning. You be the judge.

Courtesy of Mendocino Farms. Oh Mendocino, you have a special place in my heart.

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