my first REAL craft

Now that we have our own place, Ive been gathering ideas on how to decorate. One thing I didnt realize before was what a looong process that is. Ive really wanted Jerry and my initials somewhere in our house. I decided the bedroom would be a really nice place for them. So I started scouring pinterest looking for some ideas. I wasnt sure if I wanted them painted or what I was looking for. I saw some letters wrapped in yarn and others wrapped in twine and I really liked them. When I started pricing, I was discouraged on how much they were. $33.00 per letter not including shipping. While the letters were very pretty, I thought the price was a little steep. So then I thought, "maybe I can do it?" A couple Sundays ago, it was a very hot day, and our plan was to go to Jerrys parents house and swim. While swimming sounded so wonderful, I thought it was a good opportunity to for me to have some alone time and perhaps get my project started. Maybe even finish it. So instead of going I sent Jerry with Ardo to his parents house and I headed to Michaels. I found the letters I wanted, twine, paint and then I got started.

Only the S is shown because the first Michaels I went to didnt have a J. So I tried my luck with the S first. I figured once I figured it out I could head to my other local Michaels for a J. First I pained the heart the two shades of pink. I wasnt sure how many I needed but I knew I wanted to have hearts between our letters.

Then I wrapped the S in twine. I had a hard time wrapping the S edges so I painted them. Which actually I found to be a better option and get some colors in the letters.

Then came the J and little paint where I didnt cover with twine. Any strays of twine I just cut them once everything was tight. And DONE!
Im working on a couple more things for the wall in our room before I share what it looks like up. So far, Im happy with my creation!

::Sidenote, using shorter pieces of twine and tying them in the back made it much easier to wrap and for the twine to stay tight!::


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