the biggest loser :: update the last week

Well its the last week of our Biggest Loser Challenge. FINALLY! I have to say Im probably the biggest winner. Buuut not in a good way. I tried somewhat but I wasnt as committed as I thought I would be. I only have a few pounds to go and yet I act as tho they are impossible to lose. Im very proud of Jerry tho, he works out every single day. No joke. I sure hope no one bet on me.
I have started Bikram Yoga again and after a two year absence, I am loving it. I have to say, it feels so much better this time around. I dont know if its because Im more intuned with myself, or because now that Im a mom I can really appreciate what the instructors mean when they remind the class this 90 minutes is for YOU. Probably both. Next week Ill be posting the results of the weigh in, and the winners of the biggest loser challenge. Below is probably the reason Im NOT winning. You be the judge.

Courtesy of Mendocino Farms. Oh Mendocino, you have a special place in my heart.


my first REAL craft

Now that we have our own place, Ive been gathering ideas on how to decorate. One thing I didnt realize before was what a looong process that is. Ive really wanted Jerry and my initials somewhere in our house. I decided the bedroom would be a really nice place for them. So I started scouring pinterest looking for some ideas. I wasnt sure if I wanted them painted or what I was looking for. I saw some letters wrapped in yarn and others wrapped in twine and I really liked them. When I started pricing, I was discouraged on how much they were. $33.00 per letter not including shipping. While the letters were very pretty, I thought the price was a little steep. So then I thought, "maybe I can do it?" A couple Sundays ago, it was a very hot day, and our plan was to go to Jerrys parents house and swim. While swimming sounded so wonderful, I thought it was a good opportunity to for me to have some alone time and perhaps get my project started. Maybe even finish it. So instead of going I sent Jerry with Ardo to his parents house and I headed to Michaels. I found the letters I wanted, twine, paint and then I got started.

Only the S is shown because the first Michaels I went to didnt have a J. So I tried my luck with the S first. I figured once I figured it out I could head to my other local Michaels for a J. First I pained the heart the two shades of pink. I wasnt sure how many I needed but I knew I wanted to have hearts between our letters.

Then I wrapped the S in twine. I had a hard time wrapping the S edges so I painted them. Which actually I found to be a better option and get some colors in the letters.

Then came the J and little paint where I didnt cover with twine. Any strays of twine I just cut them once everything was tight. And DONE!
Im working on a couple more things for the wall in our room before I share what it looks like up. So far, Im happy with my creation!

::Sidenote, using shorter pieces of twine and tying them in the back made it much easier to wrap and for the twine to stay tight!::


Even when this little guy isnt feeling well, he still makes his mama smile. And after I smile, I snap a picture. Happy Friday!

ps Im working on something special I hope to share on Monday. A craft! Yup, I saw the idea and aaaalmost bought it, but then I thought, you know, I could probably make that....and then I did!!


my baby, my blog

I know I talk about my son a lot on this blog. Sometimes I think sheesh thats enough change the subject! But then he does things like he did over the weekend that just melt my heart, and I remember why he is always at the front of my brain and my heart. Why he fills my soul with smiles. Why when he wakes up in the middle of the night or doesnt want to go to sleep, I still cant get enough. Over the weekend, Ardo was all about hugging and kissing his mama. You know his besitos right now are basically a make out session. And he must have given me about 20. We were practicing walking and I was bribing him to come to me with cookie monster. When he would get to me he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me so tight. Then I kissed cookie monster and was hugging cookie, well Ardo let cookie monster know, no one kisses his mama, because he came to me grabbed cookie and threw him. Then hugged me again. It was so sweet. As if saying, thats my mama and only I hug and kiss her. It still amazes me how I much I mean to that little guy. Me?! little ole me. Im his safe place, and his happy place and his mad place all rolled into one. Me!? With that being said prepare for lots of Ardo posts. I cant help it, hes the apple of my eye. Thank you again Ardo for letting me be your mama! I sure do love you, perhaps to the moon and back =)

oh and


something special is in that bag....

take a guess??

drumroll...................its my very own NIKON D3000! I cant tell you how excited I am to call this camera my very own. My good friend Laura decided it was time for an upgrade for herself, whats a gal to do with two cameras?? Sell one to your friend Sonya! Enter me and my excitement!! I took over this little gem on Thursday, I was going to wait and order a memory card on amazon (they are at least 5 bucks cheaper) but while I was at target yesterday, I just haaaad to get one. So I bought my hd memory card and started snapping pics! I dont really know how to use the camera just yet. I mean besides pointing it at an object and shooting. So perfecting how to use it will take some time. But I couldnt be happier.
Thank you again Laura!

My first picture taken with my new camera. You probably thought it was going to be of Ardo, and normally it would have been, but he was taking his nap, so I had to turn to my second baby. uh Im in love.



guess what I did

I finally made something of my very own. No recipes to go by, no tips from others, something my little ole brain. And what is that....A BLACK BEAN BURGER! Im so proud of myself. For awhile now Ive been itching to make something that is my own creation. No recipes or linked websites. It was actually a hard thing to do.  I wanted to look it up online because it was dinner for Jerry and I.  I kept thinking what if it doesnt come out good.  Then what?!? But I didnt, I just figured oh well, if it doesnt come out, it doesnt come out, but I have to try.

Black Bean Burger
Ingredients for Patty 

1 can black beans
1/2 cup cheese
1/4 cup salsa
1 egg
1/2 cup tortilla chips (finely chopped)
any spices you would like
1tbs olive oil
Panko Bread Crumbs

1. Drain and wash beans, then mash them up in a bowl leaving some whole but mostly mashed
2. Once beans are mashed, combine:: beans, cheese, salsa, egg and tortilla chips :: Also add any spices you want, remember the Habanaro Guacamole, I added some in ours. Um, yeah it was a spicy Black Bean Burger
3. Put aside for 15 mins
4. Form into patties
5. Once patties are formed, coat in Panko Bread Crumbs
6. Place in the fridge for at least 30-45 minutes, but over night would be the best if you can.
    I prepared mine at night and it was perfect for the next day.
7. Now for baking :: This is one thing I did different from other bean patties Ive made. Instead of frying the patty on the pan I baked them in the oven for 15 minutes at 400 degrees. I liked it much better and the panko bread crumbs were crispy.
8. Place on bun add any condiments you'd like (I added mustard and avocado) then ENJOY!

:: Instead of regular hamburger patties, I used sandwich slims. Oh my, where have they been all my life, the perfect amount of bread::

The Finished Burger

  As you can see, we added some waffles fries.....yum!   Only thing I cant figure out is the smush that happens after you take your first bite. messy, but a good messy.



One Hot Torta

   Torta :: A torta is a Mexican sandwich, served on an oblong 6-8 inch firm, crusty white sandwich roll, called a bolillo, telera or birote. "Telera" is soft, round bread; also commonly used is the Bolillo, a torpedo-shaped French roll with a thick and crunchy crust. Tortas can be served hot or cold. ...

Yesterday I was going to make black bean patties (and share them with you!) but unfortunately, I wasnt able too. So I called Jerry and said patties are going to be for another day, what do you want for dinner tonight? I asked him, but then I chimed in and said oh how about Cook's Tortas? I absolutely LOOOOVE tortas, and Cook's Tortas is the place to go in our area. Some might argue and say King Torta is actually a better choice, but if you're looking for a healthier torta, head to Cook's. (Trust me on that one, if you go to King Torta, you'll go in for a torta and come out with super nachos!) I was in the mood for something spicy, after looking at there menu I came across Habenaro Guacamole, so I gave it a try. Um, okay if you want hair on your chest I highly suggest you try it. Cook's was not playing around when picking those jalapenos, my goodness! I want to try and make my own version....perhaps....one day....=)

and if you wouldnt mind


A Scorcher!

This weekend was one thing and one thing only HOOOOOOOOOOOOT! (I hope that was enough O's to emphasize just how hot it was!) Yes I live in sunny southern California and yes the weather is usually pretty good to us, however, no one told that to the sun the this weekend. We literally swam, all weekend long! Ardo made a lot of silly faces, aaaand we taught him how to sign "more". Pretty proud of myself on that one. Ardo took a few more steps but mostly he swam his little heart out. That child is a fish!
So to sum it up:: we swam, ate and swam again! 
And when we couldnt go to Abues house, we swam in our little blow up pool!
when we didnt cook, we enjoyed some eats 
and ps




Pretty sure Goliath did not appreciate me asking him to come inside this morning as he was clearly getting some rays in before a long day of sleep and rest. (Um, earth to Goliath, its going to be 100 today, Im doing you a favor!) And Im also pretty sure hes sticking his tongue out at me in that last photo. Does anyone else think he sits like a human?? Yeah me too.
Happy Hot Friday!


Tiny Steps

Isnt it amazing how the smallest feet, and littlest movements can mean such big things. After 15 1/2 months Ardo has taken his first steps. Its the funniest thing the way these things happen. Back Story :: A few weeks ago Ardo had his 15 month check up. We mentioned to our Dr that Ardo wasnt walking and basically had no interest. He could stand, but to actually take steps forward, no interest. So our Dr suggested we to take him to a physical therapist and make sure there wasnt a physical reason why he hadnt started walking yet. So the next Monday we all headed to the physical therapist. They ran a few tests and then told us, the good news is his fine motor skills are right at 15 months, however they said he seemed to have a weak core (ha! so does mama, hes not alone). They advised us to bring him in a couple times a week so they can work with him. We thought it was great, he was getting a little help, and we figured he stands so maybe they can encourage his first steps. Yesterday was Ardos first group class in which Daddy and Abues (Jerrys mom) attended. Jerry told me that Ardo wasnt too excited about the class and he was waaaay to busy flirting to get any walking done. Jerry and I both thought it was fine because this is only his second class and he'll get used to it.
Yesterday after work, I was playing with Ardo on the floor and he was all over the place. He really wanted to play with wrapping paper we had, so I let him and I was trying to show him how to play baseball. He was standing with the wrapping paper and I just got this feeling he wanted to move forward. I called him, and he took one step. I called him again, and he took another step. I called for Jerry, I couldnt believe my eyes, this little boy who had absolutely no interest in walking as of Sunday, was taking steps. Jerry grabbed his phone and I called for Ardo again, and this time he took a few steps forward. The look on Ardos face was classic, he was so proud of himself. Well, that was all Ardo needed, after that he was walking back and forth, then we he went into our room and was walking around there. Oh that child of mine... Below is the baby deer in action, we've been calling him that because he literally looks like a baby deer, his legs are so funny so wobbly, but hes on the move.

Ps. Please excuse my clothes of choice, it was hot yesterday.


The Busiest Weekend

You know how sometimes you have those weekends that are soooo extremely busy, you wish Monday was also an off day. Im saying now, I wish Monday was also an off day. Oh how difficult it was for me to get up this morning. SOOOOO tired. But one good thing about tired weekends, you know you had fun.

Saturday :: My wonderful friend Laura had a little celebration for the anticipated arrival of her second little on the way. Little Dylan is due is early September (however my guess is she will be here at the end of this month, oh how I cant wait to smell her) Saturday morning it was breakfast, nap for Ardo then off to Dylans celebration. Ardo was such a sweet boy, he was flirting with all the girls it was hilarious. That little guy sure knows how to get attention. Laura has the most amazing parties. Her attention to detail is what makes these parties so unique. She may get a little inspiration here and there but her personal touches are the best. I just absolutely love her and couldnt be more excited about her new little one. Its funny because at her first baby shower we were both preggo. Another friend of ours said "its weird that you're not pregnant too" haha. NOT YET!

Sunday :: A bridal shower for my friend Anna. Oh it was so pretty and the food was insanely good. I was so happy to go to her bridal shower, seeing that I dont plan on having one for myself. Now I know brides arent suppose to plan there own showers but Im definitely going to urge my bridesmaids, that a bridal shower is NOT necessary. However being a guest to a bridal shower, now thats just plain fun. We played games, and sometimes games can be a little boring but these girls were on point with there games. They were so entertaining. The very last game was make a bridal dress. However, instead of using toilet paper we used tissue paper. If I do say so our bride was gorgeous with a long train to match. I had the best time.
Sadly my diet suffered. But today is a new day, and I havent ate one M&M all day long, which for me in my office, is an accomplishment.

And now for your viewing pleasure, lots of photos to match this insanely long post!

and one from the wedding shower, notice the train on that tissue paper dress??


I did it!!

Okay, you know that feeling you have when you accomplish something that some people around you might consider "lame" but you couldn't be more proud of yourself?? Uh yeah, I have that feeling right now. Why you ask?? Well I completed my very first #photoaday. I was so excited when my friend Laura informed me instagram was coming to android. I thought the day would never come. Once it did I jumped on the insta-wagon and havent looked back. I had instagram a couple months and kept seeing #photoadaymay then #photodayjune. What is this #photoaday I thought. Once I asked around and read up online I thought it seemed like a fun game. Sooo come July, I tried it out. I didnt know what to expect, but actually its kinda a big commitment. Reminding myself of the picture I needed to capture, then sometimes I would take the picture and almost forget to post it (I had a couple of 11:30 posts. I barely made the deadline). Then yesterday after taking a trip to the market, I snapped a picture of Ardo's toddler toothbrush and pressed send, and then I had accomplished the 31 days. Oh and then I patted myself on the back.
31 days of pictures below. Enjoy!

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