When Oli came to Visit

Our youngest visitor came over the other day, OLIVER! I cant tell you how excited Ardo was the entire evening. He was crawling around the house like a crazy boy, trying to get Oli to follow him everywhere. First he was trying to read to Oli, then he showed Oli his big "brother" and then BATHTIME. Ardo was in heaven. I was so happy to have Oli here and what a good little boy he was. Ardo also pointed to Oli and said baby. He didnt say it as clearly as Im writing it, the way he said it is probably spelled baabeee, but you get the picture. First he learns baabee, then hopefully next its Oli. While Oli was visiting I started thinking, although by the time we have our next little one, Ardo will probably be 2 1/2 or 3, it was fun having two babies here and getting in some double duty baby action for mama and dada. Thank you Oli for being our littlest guest!

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  1. OMG......these are too cute, I love them!


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