Urth Lunch

LAST Sunday I had a lovely brunch with two very dear friends of mine Oscar and Christina. I just loooove me some brunch with these two aaand Urth Caffe. Unfortunately all this yumminess is doing absolutely NOTHING for our Biggest Loser competition. I feel as tho as soon as the Biggest Loser started all my motivation for losing weight went straight out the window! Ive got to work on that.  Ardo and Jerry went to visit abues, so I when I came home I was home...alone! I cant get over how much I got done. I cleaned our apartment and while I was cleaning I was so happy. I kept thinking "its gonna be so clean when Ardo comes home." Then I immediately followed that thought up with "uh is it normal to be this excited about cleaning alone?" Yeah, I didnt think so either.
This year with mark our 10 year high school reunion. It's such a wonderful feeling that I have known Oscar for 14 years and Christina for 15 that's than half my life! I just love these two craaaaazy characters.

:: Today I went to the ROSE BOWL FLEA MARKET (for the first time) no pictures tho cause me and my mama friend Laura had her sweet tot Brooke, and we were all hot sweaty and tired. Not picture ready =) ::

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