Seems like the second haircut for our little guy came a lot quicker than the first. About a month ago Ardo had his first haircut. One month later hes had his second. Ardos hair is growing like crazy. What makes me laugh is when Ardo was born he had the silliest hair it just stood straight up. Then one day, he was BALD completely bald and we would joke and call him little old man. And now it just grows and grows and basically has a mop on his head. So one month after his first haircut, we needed a second. His first haircut was great, I researched places that were kid friendly and I was looking for a place that did a little something for first haircuts. We decided on a place about 15 mins away and the stylist did a good job and Ardo was an angel, but I have to admit the set up wasnt what I had hoped for. I was picturing rocketship seats, and toys, possibly some balloons, and the first salon had none of those. Nevertheless I walked away satisfied.
On Friday I went to pick up Ardo from my moms and mentioned he needed a haircut, she said she's passed by a kids haircut place and maybe we should try there. I agreed and we all ventured off to Pelitos (in spanish that means little hairs, isnt that name adorbs?) Oh my goodness when I walked in it was everything I could have hoped for. Tons of toys for the kids to play with, animal crackers and water and juice to snack on. And the seats ... race cars! Each station had a personalized television where they played a disney movie for the kids to watch. I was in heaven, and Ardos eyes lite up. Im happy to report again, Ardo was an angel. He sat and let the stylist cut his hair without any problems - no crying, no fussing -
Another successful haircut!
ps does anyone else see that photobomber in the back?? Shes looking directly at the camera. Ha! Maybe her name is Ardo too. =)


  1. So cute! It amazes me how little kids sit still for a haircut. I can't even get my daughter to sit still long enough for a hair bow most days!

    1. Im sure in the next few months things will change. Im enjoying it while it lasts =) Thanks for reading!

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