Over the weekend...

We ventured our way to the beach! What a difference a year makes. When we took Ardo to the beach last year, he "liked" it. If liking it means he cried, wanted to be held, fed, and it was hot (yes hot at the beach). This time was a completely different story, we left right at Ardo's nap time so he slept the entire way. Once he woke up we were at the beach and he was ready. We took him over to the waves and he loved looking at the water, he smiled and pointed. Theeeen I put him down and let the beautiful ocean hit his feet, he DID NOT like that. I tried warning him that the ocean water is colder than his bathtub, I guess he didnt quite understand what that meant cause the surprised look on his face said it all. Either way we had such a fun time. I love when we plan things perfectly to coincide with Ardo's naptime, makes for one happy baby. Im also proud of myself I didnt overpack like I am known to do. Snacks, beach toys, sunblock, and change of clothes and we were good to go.
Photo bomb and vintage Ardo pictures below =)                                   
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beach12 beach13

I wanted to share a couple of vintage Ardo pics from his very first trip to the beach. At the tender age of 4 months, we packed up basically the entire nursery and headed to the water.
What's that you ask? If this is the same day why is Ardo wearing two different hats? Well because this crazy mama wanted lots of pictures and wardrobe changes, and I have to say :: Worth it!


  1. Beautiful little family! Glad he liked his beach day!

    1. He really did have fun. Outings timed perfectly with nap time is the best combo!

  2. what a cutie! well he maybe don't like the cold water, but he seems having a blast with the sand


    1. LOVED the sand. Surprisingly enough he didnt try and eat any =)


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