Mornings Lately

I have to say the toughest time of day for me is in the morning. Its not so much that Im not a morning person, I am to an extent. Plus being a mama, you are a morning person. Whats difficult for me is there is such a small amount of time to get a lot of things done. Since I started working again, many months ago, Ive tried to get some kind of system down. Ardo on the other hand has tried everything he can to break my systems. As soon as I think we have a routine he'll wake up 15-20 minutes earlier and throw everything off. Honestly you know who isnt a morning person, ARDO! Why that child seems to wake up earlier than he wants too is beyond me. Crying and fussing, calling out MAAAAA. (oh yes he says mama now, but only when it's convenient) So when we have a great morning I cant help but brag about it. When we have a difficult morning Im complaining, the.whole.day. Last week was harder because Ardo was teething, he would wake up about 20 minutes before I could even get in the shower, crying. So I would calm him down, set him up in the restroom, take a quick shower, then brush my teeth with a fussy child in my arms. It's as fun as it sounds. But this week, he has been an angel!! Waking up at 8am. Im completely ready by that time. What Ive noticed is tearless mornings=blissful days.
This morning was odd to say the least. I got up, took a quick shower started to brush my teeth and then .... the smoke detector went off! The smoke detector is in our hallway. As in right in front of Ardo's room. Why was it going off you ask? I HAVE NO IDEA!! Someone was trying to ruin my perfect morning. There was no fire or smoke of any kind. Ill admit the first thought I had before thinking "Fire?" was "Please dont wake up my sleeping baby-Please dont wake up my sleeping baby" Well the ever so loud beeping woke up my sleeping baby, luckily for me is wasnt for 15 more minutes, earlier than I would hope for but long enough for me. Cheers to another tearless morning!!
Goliath, on the other was sooooo annoyed. I snapped this picture of him as the beast was slowly awoken, earlier than he would have liked. If its not one baby its another. Happy Friday!


  1. That picture of Goliath is exactly how I feel every morning!

    1. I will tell Goliath there is someone in the world, who understands him =)


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