Living Room Desires

How come no one told me furnishing a house to your liking was such.....work?!? Our living room right now is as follows: one brown couch, a white desk, a white entertainment center, and two dog crates in which we are making decisions to get rid of seeing the dogs hardly use them anymore. The white desk and entertainment center were done on purpose. Jerry and I figured we could always add color to them but a basic white would go with anything, and this is true. Now just finding what to put them with, that is where the work comes in. Ive been scouring the internet and pinterest (which I guess is kinda the same thing) to find some things to add and bring life into the living room. So far....
1. Prints:: Im loving this print of home sweet home. It would definitely liven up my white walls. But its so soft and can give our home a homely feel.
2. Ottoman Pouf:: A sweet accessory for the living room. And of course Im all about Chevron print!
3. Rug:: This is a must for us we need a rug for the living room. I like our wood I really do, but it wood can get hard when your trying to play on the floor with a babe.
4. DIY Storage Unit:: Im pretty sure the woman who made this could have built her entire house herself. This storage unit is genius. I could paint it any color to match our decor, and what a lovely feeling when someone asked where we bought it, and I say oh that? I made it.
5. Instagram Prints:: Creating your own photo collage with instagram pictures. Our home is missing pictures right now.
6. Throw Pillows:: I have to admit I never really saw the point in so many extra pillows, but Im in love with the print on this pillow. What a pop of color.

You may notice two major things are missing from here. A couch and a chair, and that's because I just haven't found any that I like yet =(
Im hoping in the near future that changes because Im pretty sure Im supposed to start with the biggies and add to them.


  1. Ashley furniture store sometimes has a promo going on and you feet the entire living room set including accessories

    1. wow the entire living room?? thanks were looking into new couches now. Im taking a trip to Ashleys. Before I buy I have to sit.

  2. When and if you get rid of your sofa, Anthony sure can use it.

    1. yes anthony can have our couch. We just need a new couch first.

  3. IKEA has a lot of accenting pieces for reasonable prices as well....perfect if you're just looking to add color


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