I think someone is trying to tell me something...

Maybe Ardo is ready for a sister (or brother, I guess it could be either, although Ive made no secret Im ready for a little girl)?? I kinda wish I was writing this post to tell you Ardo's wish has come true, but alas no baby in my tummy just yet. Ardo is practicing tho so when a new baby does come, his arms are ready. Funny thing yesterday, we had Ardo's 15 month Dr appointment, at the beginning of each appointment we always fill out a series of questions. One of the questions was "Does your child hug his/her stuff animals?" Well I put no, cause Ardo doesnt really do that, whenever I give him stuff animals he usually throws them, or bites them, whatever he wants. After the appointment I went to my moms, and she took him in my sisters room, when he came back out he was cradling this baby minnie mouse, and hugging her. We were telling him to give her besitos and he was!! Well he never made me aware of this how was I to know??
::Um, Dr, might I have that questionnaire back, I have a few answers that need changing::

Happy Friday!!

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