Happy 4th

Our 4th plans were simple. We were going to go to Jerry's parents house for little bbq and my family was going to join. Except when we woke up Ardo was running a little temperature. So we gave him a little bath brought it down, he took a nap and then we decided on what to do. Since Jerrys parents live extremely close to us we figured we would take Ardo for a little while and if he didnt feel well bring him home. (we are almost completely positive he's breaking in more teeth and that is what's causing his fever and him being uncomfortable. Not like last time. So we packed up and went to Jerry's parents. I was so happy we did. We laughed, ate some good bbq, and with so many people around I think Ardo forgot he was teething. For the most part he was in good spirits. We left before the fireworks really got started because it was someones bedtime. But we had a good day. Family Fun bbq and a few fireworks!

This picture is extra touching to me because Ardo is so lucky that our two families come together as one for many holidays. Ardo (and any future siblings, hopefully a sister one day) will and has grown up in a world where his family is completely one. He doesnt know it yet but what a gift that is.


  1. Ardo has got 2 hot grandmas.

  2. I adore his little fourth of july get-up!! And he really is lucky to have such a close family; that is so rare these days.

    1. Thank you! Our little family feels very lucky!


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