Seems like the second haircut for our little guy came a lot quicker than the first. About a month ago Ardo had his first haircut. One month later hes had his second. Ardos hair is growing like crazy. What makes me laugh is when Ardo was born he had the silliest hair it just stood straight up. Then one day, he was BALD completely bald and we would joke and call him little old man. And now it just grows and grows and basically has a mop on his head. So one month after his first haircut, we needed a second. His first haircut was great, I researched places that were kid friendly and I was looking for a place that did a little something for first haircuts. We decided on a place about 15 mins away and the stylist did a good job and Ardo was an angel, but I have to admit the set up wasnt what I had hoped for. I was picturing rocketship seats, and toys, possibly some balloons, and the first salon had none of those. Nevertheless I walked away satisfied.
On Friday I went to pick up Ardo from my moms and mentioned he needed a haircut, she said she's passed by a kids haircut place and maybe we should try there. I agreed and we all ventured off to Pelitos (in spanish that means little hairs, isnt that name adorbs?) Oh my goodness when I walked in it was everything I could have hoped for. Tons of toys for the kids to play with, animal crackers and water and juice to snack on. And the seats ... race cars! Each station had a personalized television where they played a disney movie for the kids to watch. I was in heaven, and Ardos eyes lite up. Im happy to report again, Ardo was an angel. He sat and let the stylist cut his hair without any problems - no crying, no fussing -
Another successful haircut!
ps does anyone else see that photobomber in the back?? Shes looking directly at the camera. Ha! Maybe her name is Ardo too. =)


I think someone is trying to tell me something...

Maybe Ardo is ready for a sister (or brother, I guess it could be either, although Ive made no secret Im ready for a little girl)?? I kinda wish I was writing this post to tell you Ardo's wish has come true, but alas no baby in my tummy just yet. Ardo is practicing tho so when a new baby does come, his arms are ready. Funny thing yesterday, we had Ardo's 15 month Dr appointment, at the beginning of each appointment we always fill out a series of questions. One of the questions was "Does your child hug his/her stuff animals?" Well I put no, cause Ardo doesnt really do that, whenever I give him stuff animals he usually throws them, or bites them, whatever he wants. After the appointment I went to my moms, and she took him in my sisters room, when he came back out he was cradling this baby minnie mouse, and hugging her. We were telling him to give her besitos and he was!! Well he never made me aware of this how was I to know??
::Um, Dr, might I have that questionnaire back, I have a few answers that need changing::

Happy Friday!!


Mommys helper

Its never too early to help mama around the house::

1. Make sure Goliath has nice clean paws.

2. Help mama sweep the floor, I know what youre thinking how does a 14 1/2 month old toddler who doesnt walk yet, sweep. Actually this is where not walking comes in handy, he can get a lot closer to the floor than I can.

3. Soothe your giant to sleep. Goliath is the biggest baby in our house and sometimes he needs to be pet to sleep (think of it how a baby might need to be rocked). Ardo has this job mastered.

::sorry for all the movement in the pictures, but when helping mama, there's no other way::


When Oli came to Visit

Our youngest visitor came over the other day, OLIVER! I cant tell you how excited Ardo was the entire evening. He was crawling around the house like a crazy boy, trying to get Oli to follow him everywhere. First he was trying to read to Oli, then he showed Oli his big "brother" and then BATHTIME. Ardo was in heaven. I was so happy to have Oli here and what a good little boy he was. Ardo also pointed to Oli and said baby. He didnt say it as clearly as Im writing it, the way he said it is probably spelled baabeee, but you get the picture. First he learns baabee, then hopefully next its Oli. While Oli was visiting I started thinking, although by the time we have our next little one, Ardo will probably be 2 1/2 or 3, it was fun having two babies here and getting in some double duty baby action for mama and dada. Thank you Oli for being our littlest guest!



Something so scary happened to me yesterday. I LOST MY WALLET. Wanna hear the story? Okay here goes, Im what you might call a little high strung. If I lose something as important as my wallet, weeeell basically I flip out. The day started out like normal, I went to the bank first thing in the morning, obviously I needed my wallet, so I reached in purse like normal but it wasnt there. I thought it was weird cause I dont just leave my wallet laying around. So I call my parents house and asked my sister to look (maybe I dropped it there), nope its not here. Weird again. I search my car. NOPE. Then I remembered the night before I used Jerrys car to come home so I drive all the way home and search Jerrys car. NOPE. While trying to say in my head "hmm thats weird" everytime I cant find it, Im becoming panicked.   I neeeeed my wallet, so many important things are in there.  Then all these thoughts came to my head :: I shouldnt even be driving, I have no license :: I have no money :: All the hassle Ill have to do getting a new ID, debit cards, and oh what about those gift cards I had in there :: UGH, I just couldnt find it. I go back home and quickly tear apart our apartment, NOTHING. And now Im late for work. I drive to work thinking, okay maybe it fell out of my purse at work (which lipgloss has in the past) and its at work. I get to work with one last hope, not there either. At this point Im completely freaking out, I just keep thinking over and over oh the dmv line to take a new picture, everything needs to be replaced! I just dont know where it is. My boss comes over to me like any other morning and says "Morning Sonya" to which I replied "I LOST MY WALLET!!" (oops maybe I should have good morning, I lost my wallet). Then he asked me the where did you have it last, after retracing my steps I remembered the last time I used it was at dinner on Sunday!! A whole day had gone by and I didnt even notice my wallet was missing. Then my boss suggested I call the restaurant. In my frantic state,  that idea didnt even come to mind. I thought well I guess it couldnt hurt, I called the restaurant and the lady said, "oh yeah we have it, I tried to find you after you left but you raced out".  Finally, RELIEF!! I picked up my wallet at lunchtime and all was well. Oh little wallet please stay nestled in my purse where you belong!!


Silly Boy

Its such a treat when Ardo lets me capture a moment of him being silly. I love my little guy!


Mornings Lately

I have to say the toughest time of day for me is in the morning. Its not so much that Im not a morning person, I am to an extent. Plus being a mama, you are a morning person. Whats difficult for me is there is such a small amount of time to get a lot of things done. Since I started working again, many months ago, Ive tried to get some kind of system down. Ardo on the other hand has tried everything he can to break my systems. As soon as I think we have a routine he'll wake up 15-20 minutes earlier and throw everything off. Honestly you know who isnt a morning person, ARDO! Why that child seems to wake up earlier than he wants too is beyond me. Crying and fussing, calling out MAAAAA. (oh yes he says mama now, but only when it's convenient) So when we have a great morning I cant help but brag about it. When we have a difficult morning Im complaining, the.whole.day. Last week was harder because Ardo was teething, he would wake up about 20 minutes before I could even get in the shower, crying. So I would calm him down, set him up in the restroom, take a quick shower, then brush my teeth with a fussy child in my arms. It's as fun as it sounds. But this week, he has been an angel!! Waking up at 8am. Im completely ready by that time. What Ive noticed is tearless mornings=blissful days.
This morning was odd to say the least. I got up, took a quick shower started to brush my teeth and then .... the smoke detector went off! The smoke detector is in our hallway. As in right in front of Ardo's room. Why was it going off you ask? I HAVE NO IDEA!! Someone was trying to ruin my perfect morning. There was no fire or smoke of any kind. Ill admit the first thought I had before thinking "Fire?" was "Please dont wake up my sleeping baby-Please dont wake up my sleeping baby" Well the ever so loud beeping woke up my sleeping baby, luckily for me is wasnt for 15 more minutes, earlier than I would hope for but long enough for me. Cheers to another tearless morning!!
Goliath, on the other was sooooo annoyed. I snapped this picture of him as the beast was slowly awoken, earlier than he would have liked. If its not one baby its another. Happy Friday!


My Buddy Mondays

Little back story :: When I was in high school I began a small but very real obsession to In-N-Out Burgers. My friends and I would go almost every single day, but always on Friday nights. In-N-Out became our headquarters for friends "meeting". In fact we to our local In-N-Out so much we became friends will all the staff that worked there. This went on throughout all our high school days. Once high school was over and I got my own car, I went even more often. A couple of my friends started to say they didnt really "like it" anymore or "feel like eating it", NOT ME, I ate on. Flash forward to when I became preganant, I had heard you can sometimes hate food you once loved. Out of everything, In-N-Out stayed firm. I still craved it,  got it, and ate it with no problems. As I get later and later into my 20's I dont eat In-N-Out like I once did but thats only because I try and eat healthier, stay fit and all that nonsense. But once a month or so tho I still indulge just like I used to and enjoy every bite. Sooooo I am so happy to announce my little Ardo had his very first experience with In-N-Out. Needless to In-N-Out is Our Buddy. We havent given Ardo red meat, so he enjoyed a grilled cheese, just like his mama used to (for those of you who are thinking, A GRILLED CHEESE, if you havent had one from there try one first then judge, there just different and much yummier) He sure scarfed it down and loooved it, just as Id hoped.

:: Just water in the cup, no soda, but he didnt know the difference ::


Urth Lunch

LAST Sunday I had a lovely brunch with two very dear friends of mine Oscar and Christina. I just loooove me some brunch with these two aaand Urth Caffe. Unfortunately all this yumminess is doing absolutely NOTHING for our Biggest Loser competition. I feel as tho as soon as the Biggest Loser started all my motivation for losing weight went straight out the window! Ive got to work on that.  Ardo and Jerry went to visit abues, so I when I came home I was home...alone! I cant get over how much I got done. I cleaned our apartment and while I was cleaning I was so happy. I kept thinking "its gonna be so clean when Ardo comes home." Then I immediately followed that thought up with "uh is it normal to be this excited about cleaning alone?" Yeah, I didnt think so either.
This year with mark our 10 year high school reunion. It's such a wonderful feeling that I have known Oscar for 14 years and Christina for 15 that's than half my life! I just love these two craaaaazy characters.

:: Today I went to the ROSE BOWL FLEA MARKET (for the first time) no pictures tho cause me and my mama friend Laura had her sweet tot Brooke, and we were all hot sweaty and tired. Not picture ready =) ::


Happy 4th

Our 4th plans were simple. We were going to go to Jerry's parents house for little bbq and my family was going to join. Except when we woke up Ardo was running a little temperature. So we gave him a little bath brought it down, he took a nap and then we decided on what to do. Since Jerrys parents live extremely close to us we figured we would take Ardo for a little while and if he didnt feel well bring him home. (we are almost completely positive he's breaking in more teeth and that is what's causing his fever and him being uncomfortable. Not like last time. So we packed up and went to Jerry's parents. I was so happy we did. We laughed, ate some good bbq, and with so many people around I think Ardo forgot he was teething. For the most part he was in good spirits. We left before the fireworks really got started because it was someones bedtime. But we had a good day. Family Fun bbq and a few fireworks!

This picture is extra touching to me because Ardo is so lucky that our two families come together as one for many holidays. Ardo (and any future siblings, hopefully a sister one day) will and has grown up in a world where his family is completely one. He doesnt know it yet but what a gift that is.


Living Room Desires

How come no one told me furnishing a house to your liking was such.....work?!? Our living room right now is as follows: one brown couch, a white desk, a white entertainment center, and two dog crates in which we are making decisions to get rid of seeing the dogs hardly use them anymore. The white desk and entertainment center were done on purpose. Jerry and I figured we could always add color to them but a basic white would go with anything, and this is true. Now just finding what to put them with, that is where the work comes in. Ive been scouring the internet and pinterest (which I guess is kinda the same thing) to find some things to add and bring life into the living room. So far....
1. Prints:: Im loving this print of home sweet home. It would definitely liven up my white walls. But its so soft and can give our home a homely feel.
2. Ottoman Pouf:: A sweet accessory for the living room. And of course Im all about Chevron print!
3. Rug:: This is a must for us we need a rug for the living room. I like our wood I really do, but it wood can get hard when your trying to play on the floor with a babe.
4. DIY Storage Unit:: Im pretty sure the woman who made this could have built her entire house herself. This storage unit is genius. I could paint it any color to match our decor, and what a lovely feeling when someone asked where we bought it, and I say oh that? I made it.
5. Instagram Prints:: Creating your own photo collage with instagram pictures. Our home is missing pictures right now.
6. Throw Pillows:: I have to admit I never really saw the point in so many extra pillows, but Im in love with the print on this pillow. What a pop of color.

You may notice two major things are missing from here. A couch and a chair, and that's because I just haven't found any that I like yet =(
Im hoping in the near future that changes because Im pretty sure Im supposed to start with the biggies and add to them.


Over the weekend...

We ventured our way to the beach! What a difference a year makes. When we took Ardo to the beach last year, he "liked" it. If liking it means he cried, wanted to be held, fed, and it was hot (yes hot at the beach). This time was a completely different story, we left right at Ardo's nap time so he slept the entire way. Once he woke up we were at the beach and he was ready. We took him over to the waves and he loved looking at the water, he smiled and pointed. Theeeen I put him down and let the beautiful ocean hit his feet, he DID NOT like that. I tried warning him that the ocean water is colder than his bathtub, I guess he didnt quite understand what that meant cause the surprised look on his face said it all. Either way we had such a fun time. I love when we plan things perfectly to coincide with Ardo's naptime, makes for one happy baby. Im also proud of myself I didnt overpack like I am known to do. Snacks, beach toys, sunblock, and change of clothes and we were good to go.
Photo bomb and vintage Ardo pictures below =)                                   
                   Modeling Mamas Glasses                                  Modeling Dadas Glasses

beach12 beach13

I wanted to share a couple of vintage Ardo pics from his very first trip to the beach. At the tender age of 4 months, we packed up basically the entire nursery and headed to the water.
What's that you ask? If this is the same day why is Ardo wearing two different hats? Well because this crazy mama wanted lots of pictures and wardrobe changes, and I have to say :: Worth it!

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