The Youngest has Graduated

I am the second oldest in my family, and the youngest of the 4 of us graduated on Thursday. Graduated, as in out of high school and ready (kinda) for the real world. My youngest sister Mariah, went to the same high school the 4 of us went too. So being there for her graduation brought back so many memories. Its a really weird feeling sitting in the audience with my son, watching the youngest of us graduate. I couldnt help but remember, I came to see her the day she was born, I helped change her first diaper and MANY MANY more after that. I witnessed her first steps. I was 10 when my Mariah was born. She was the first baby Id ever seen grow up from in the womb to now (except now for Ardo, of course). Sitting there with my own son made me think one day Ill be back (maybe even back at that very same high school), but what feelings would I feel. I imagined it would be so similar but maybe even more overwhelming. I was so proud of her and Im just her sister. It was so fun and I have to admit I love graduations (as long as they arent boring)the speeches are always inspirational, the thoughts of innocence and spirit and anxiousness for the future makes me feel happy for the kids and there new endeavors. Congratulations to the Graduate!!


grad2 grad3.jpb

grad4 grad5

I just had to put this last picture in, it started to get a little cold while we were taking pictures and being the worlds best mom ever, I forgot a sweater for Ardo, he didnt mind one bit tho. Uncle Gabe was holding him and everytime the wind blew, Ardo screamed at the top of his lungs and then cracked up laughing. Oh my little guy and his crazy screams!

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