Okay Im behind on a few Saturdays, however, this was so exciting I just had to talk about it. A couple weeks my baby sister. The youngest of us four went to PROM!!! I cant believe, how can my youngest sister, the newborn baby I met at ten years old be 18 and have went to prom. Its insane to me. A month ago or so my sisters and I took a trip to The Alleys (which can be seen here) to find Mariah a prom dress. We were very successful. Not just a dress but a deal at that. And just a couple Saturdays ago she put it to good use. I still cant believe it. This is actually the last time Im going to go through this with a sister. Im 10 years older than Mariah so for this day to be here......I have no words, but I do have pictures!!!! oh just a note: I didnt comb my hair at all, so if it looks horrendous, well thats why.
I decided to only 2 before pictures that arent so bad because well Mariah is 18 afterall and Id hate to embarrass the young adult.


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