In keeping with our make-every-meal-ourselves week, today was vegan burgers!! Im not vegan but what I love about vegan recipes is VEEEEEGGIES. News to me that a patty made mainly out of sweet potato and beans could be so dang good. I made some pattys for all three of us but unfortunately after they were finished I realized I may have used just a little too much cajun seasoning and Jerry and I decided it was just a little too spicy for Ardo. Eventho that child is full blood mexican and should have tapatio running through his veins, Im a mom and hes my booboo so we'll ease him into the spices. Jerry and I however ate them and they were so good. I couldnt get over how tasty they were. Did they taste like meat? No, of course they didnt cause it wasnt meat. Was it good? ABSOLUTELY!! When Jerry likes something that is considered "vegan" I know I did something right. Im so happy, our first week in our new home and we cooked every night. Im sure we arent going to cook tomorrow considering its Friday and thats the weekend (well its not but we need a night off) so Im not stressin it. I found the recipe for the vegan pattys on pinterest. Like I said before Ive been pinning a lot lately, but not just pinning, DOING! Right now theres no greater feeling than pinning something and then making it. You can find the recipe for the yummy vegan pattys here. My picture below isnt nearly as good as the pictures in the recipe, but thats okay Im still so proud.


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