My Buddy Mondays

Hello All and Happy Monday. On this addition of My Buddy Mondays, our Buddy is........The New Bathtub!! Since Ardo was born he has had a love-hate-love relationship with the bath. His very first sponge bath he screeeeamed in the hospital (he was NOT a fan). I can remember the first few months of his life when we started bathing him in his baby bath I would tell Jerrys siblings "Im going to give the baby a bath and hes gonna scream, so dont be alarmed". But now he absolutely LOOOVES the bath. He cant get enough, sometimes I think he gets really dirty on purpose. Last week, Ardo had his first bath in his brand new big boy bathtub. A grown up bathtub!! We learned the hard way this weekend that having a bath mat is imperative to his happiness. Uncle Pat and Auntie Mai dont have a bath mat and someone screamed his head off. Our bedtime routine is exactly that, a routine, and daddy and I are enjoying it.


Sometimes Goliath gets in there and watches his little brother take a bath. As long as Goliath isnt next, hes a happy camper =)


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