My Buddy Mondays :: Fathers Day Edition

On this edition of My Buddy Mondays, our buddy is...........DADDY of course. Ardo is so very lucky to have Jerry as his Daddy. As far as Dads go Jerry is the bees knees. Hes the right mix of Love and Fun and possible Daddy discipline (although since Ardo is 13 months the discipline isnt needed too much at this point) You know sometimes you meet someone and you can just know how they are going to be as a Daddy, I felt that when Jerry and I made our relationship official. He has the kindest soul that was destined for fatherhood. I can remember us having the "family" conversation on my second trip out to Alabama, when I asked him "Do you want kids one day?" his response "YES!!" mmhmm it was meant to be. Im so happy to honor such a wonderous guy, my guy and Ardo's Daddy. Happy Fathers Day!

And in the art of this blog, here are some pictures to share what our day was like...

For Fathers Day Daddy got a mixture of books from Ardo, and one of Jerrys most favorite beers of all time. Since they dont sell Yuengling on the west coast, Mama had to do a little digging to find it, the happy surprised look on his face was well worth it.

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Beer Pops to keep with the theme, thanks again Julie! 071 (2) Daddy and Ardo giving a Atticus a bath, in our home, Daddy duty 002
and a sweet picture at our little picnic.


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  1. cute little presents. hope jerry enjoyed his father's day!


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