Jalapeno Pesto

I didnt pin this cause Jerry found it and I didnt want to steal his thunder. Jerry watches "The Chew" on his lunch breaks,and will sometimes come home talking about what we should make, so on Monday we did just that and when I say we I actually mean both Jerry and I made the most delicious linguine with jalapeno pesto sauce. Im so proud at the job we've been doing cooking at home, making new recipes, sometimes healthy, sometimes.....not so much. Although I have to say no matter what I make I always feel the food is a little healthier than if we would have ordered in. Maybe because I know EXACTLY whats going into each recipe I automatically feel better. The jalapeno pesto sauce was a lot spicer than I anticipated. Yes we used jalapeno but we cored and seeded before blending so I figured maybe a little kick, but we got a big kick. Jerry and I both decided next time instead of 6 jalapenos and peppers we'll do 4, we dont need that big of kick. If you'd like to try the recipe you can find it here. Hope you enjoy as much as we did. On a sidenote if youre in a hurry this a great perfect I think from start to finish it took a total of 30 minutes.

jalapenos, peppers and garlic, before and after
PicMonkey Collage
after cutting ready to be blended, then we started on the linguine
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after blending and making the linguine, heat up the pesto sauce then just mix together. After that finished and ready for consumption!!
Yum and lunch for tomorrow!

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