Its kinda like a beach

Over the weekend we went to Auntie Mai and Uncle Pat's house. They invited us to the beach club they are apart of for a little bbq. Ive been excited to take Ardo for a dip in a pool. He hasnt been swimming since last summer at the tender age of 4 months old, so at 13 months he was ready for some real swimming!! To my surprise, the beach club was exactly that....a beach in a club. Sand surrounded the shallow pool. I was in awe of how perfect it was for a 13 month old. Sand to play in, shallow waters, but no huge waves to come and sweep my little boo away. Just the perfect set up for a great day!
Daddy and Ardo had the best time in the water. I love seeing those two together. They have a father-son bond that is just theirs. Something I cant touch, but enjoy watching-with my camera! It was such a fun day, and because Auntie Mai and Uncle Pat live an hour away, it was a little vacation for us. (Ill let the judgmental how old is your son and he doesnt walk yet remark go. He will walk when he is ready: and hes almost ready, so chill) Oh just a little sidenote when planning a bbq, expect everyone to bring fruit! They will!!

0078 (2)
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Sleep Smiling, on our way home, a very tired happy tot!



  1. Is that a Thundercats Tattoo on your hubby? It's awesome!!

    No worries on the walking. I had gotten the same reaction from people about his not walking. Although he knows how, he prefers to crawl still. I guess he is a "part time" walker. LOL

  2. yes it is. It was his first tattoo, he is quite the thundercats fan.
    Thanks, that makes me feel better. haha I love part time walker, I think mine is a part time stander!

  3. Adorable pictures! Your little man is so cute.


    1. Thank you! my picture taking has slowly started to improve =)


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