Im so excited to share that we (as in me Jerry and Ardo) have moved!!! We found a little place that we can now call our very own. We tried our best to move as much as we can but then Ardo got so sick we werent able to do all we wanted. Now that Ardo is feeling a million times better we're are almost all moved in. I say almost because there are a few little odds and ends we need to pick up and pack up but just a little. The bulk is finally done. Its going to take a while for us to be settled but little by little we'll get there. Ardo now has his very own room, which I LOVE!! I didnt know how I would feel about it because Ive been sleeping next to him for a year and its been so easy I thought maybe I wouldnt like it but with him taking a 2 1/2 hour nap yesterday so very soundly, I think I love it.

So today is Monday but with us officially moving and trying to get everything settled and in place I dont have a My Buddy Mondays. Id rather have My Buddy Mondays be authentic and well thought out and not My Buddy Thursdays, so in lieu of a My Buddy Mondays I have a few desires for my PIG KITCHEN! Ive collected pigs since I was 5 years old. I had an ENORMOUS collection growing up. Then as I got older and started moving around I had no choice but to box up my pigs, never giving any away just waiting for the time I had my own kitchen. Well I suppose that time is now. I have quite a few things (I cant wait to share) to start but I want to completely pig it out. While browsing online and when I say browsing I mean specifically looking for items to pig out my kitchen I came across these must haves. One by one they shall become part of my collection...yes they shall....!

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