A Haircut

Saturday we had a first haircut experience. I dont know what I was expecting for his first haircut. Maybe lots of screaming and him trying to bite the stylist. That might sound a little extreme but toddlers always seem to surprise you. But surprise us he did with his excellent sweet behavior. He sat there and let the stylist do what she needed, it was over in about 15 minutes and we all left very happy, and one of us with a very stylish do. (okay maybe we bribed him a little bit with fishys and milk, but nonetheless he was a good boy) Im sure hoping this wasnt just first hair "trim" luck. We plan of visiting every couple months...sooo fingers crossed each visit goes as successful as this first one.
On a sidenote:: our stylist let me in on some words choices all parents should know. I kept telling Ardo "okay stay still so she can cut your hair" The stylist said "Mom, we dont use "cut", because children associate cuts with being hurt, so they may think getting a haircut will hurt and they wont want too or may be scared, so instead we use "trim". Um, did someone say genius?

PicMonkey Collage1 PicMonkey Collage3
Finished product, still have his curlys just a shorter version.

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