The Biggest Loser

A little event that also took place over the weekend is the $100 weight loss bet. Jerry and a few friends thought of a biggest loser challenge that all of us could participate in. $100 to enter and we have 10 weeks to lose as much weight/body fat as possible. There is 12 of us competing 5 boys and 7 girls. Initially we were going to have every man for himself, but after much (much, much) debate, we all decided on girls against girls and boys against boys. We were all weighed in, had our picture taken and given exact rules and regulations, now the challenge has begun. Over the next couple months I will be cooking (and sharing) the healthiest meals I can find. The money that is up for grabs (for the girls 1st place is $500 and second place is $200) is a great motivation to lose the weight, but for me, honestly, the reward would be to hop on the scale and it read my prepregnancy weight, or maybe even a pound or two less than that. Win or lose the competition that would be such a win for me. Its been 7 months since Ive been actively trying to lose the last 10lbs of this baby weight. Ive lost 6 and I have just 4 to go...but the last 4 will probably be the death of me...okay not really, but its gonna be haaaard. Here's hoping!
In the spirit of our biggest loser, Jerry and I made a very yuuuummy (I literally cannot get over how good it was) taco salad. If you'd like to try it and I highly suggest you do, you can find the entire recipe here.
:: Just a tip I found to be useful, using greek yogurt instead of plain yogurt. This is the second time Ive made my own dressing and last time my dressing was much more bland, last time I used regular yogurt, I also used my blender and blended all the ingredients to a nice salad dressing texture instead of just whipping, worked so perfectly! ::


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