A Standing BayBay

Someones been standing................on his own!! You know I have mixed emotions about this next step. Of course I want Ardo to walk and take the next step (ha! literally) buuuut I cant help but be afraid. Walking is official, its mean actual toddler-hood. I guess he's toddle-ing now but walking, thats just a horse of a different color. He'll be a little person walking around. Oh its hard to think about it. This is the one step, Im not pushing. When Ardo was 6 months and not really sitting up on his own, I pushed him a little, when he didnt want to feed himself again a little push, but this Im letting him do when he is ready, and Im happy about it. He'll stand for a few seconds and then plop down wherever he wants. Then stand up and down again, I suppose it's a little game. I can see how proud of himself he is everytime hes stands for just a few seconds longer. And that makes my heart smile.

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hes standing in his new living room, in our new apartment, more to come on exciting moving news veeery soon

oh then nina took a video...again

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