Someones Sick

Insert sad face here. Ardo is sick with his first actual illness. My poor little guy. Friday started with a runny nose and a little fussiness, no biggie. Ardo is hoooorrible with teething, he didnt break his first tooth til he was 10 months but teethed bad for 5 months. So I figured oh he must be teething again. I did the norm, gave him a little tylenol to help with the pain gave him his bath a little early and made sure (as my mom would say) to love on him. Then Saturday the runny nose was full on, I figured the tooth would be coming through any minute. Saturday in the middle of the night he woke up screaming which has happened before when hes teething. We'll make him a bottle and put him back down, however this time it was different I touched him and he was HOT. I thought oh my god, his first fever! Yup after 13 months (thankfully) this was his first fever. So I put a cool cloth on him, continued with his bottle, he barely had a fever at 99.8 so I still figured wow maybe this is a molar, causing all this trouble. But Sunday it was a different story, he was SICK he slept most of the day (so unlike him) and wasn't playing he wasn't lethargic per say but for a 13 month old to just want to be held and not play with his any of his toys around, this baby was sick. We then thought oh no maybe hes actually sick and its not teething cause hes never acted like this before, plus he still had his fever. We would get it under control but it would just come back. We didn't feel the need to take him to the ER because it was a slight fever never above 101 its just the thing was relentless. THEN THE WORSE PART HAPPENED.........HE GOT A RASH. It started with a few bumps on his face I thought was due to the fever, but then it was EVERYWHERE!! All over his legs, arms, some on the back but worse of all his face. Okay this was NOT okay so off to urgent care we go. We put a call into our pedatrician and he said this sounded normal with a virus. The problem with that tho he said, if he has a virus you have to let it run its course. Make him as comfy as possible but the virus will run its course the rash will go away and he will be okay. WAIT! No, shouldn't we take him to the ER?? Nope Dr said I know its hard but he'll be okay. We had an appointment today with our pediatrician and indeed he was right. He said it looked very much like a well known baby virus called roseola but it wasn't quite roseola. Ardo was brave and had his blood drawn to pinpoint exactly what it is. The rash is still present and will probably start to go away in the next few days. Til then we are giving him WHATEVER he wants. I am happy to report that after 3 days he finally had a good solid food feeding today. I am hoping and praying for more and better days to come. Sick babies = sad mommy and daddys.


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