Saturday Finds

On Saturday mama and dada took a little trip to target, whats the big deal you ask??? Well we were alone! Yup just us browsing the aisles slowly or quickly, whateeeever we wanted. I actually read the labels of a few face washes before I purchased them. Almost unheard of when you're a mama shopping with your boo. Usually I research beforehand so I know exactly what Im going to get to or I just go for the most familiar one. Either way, it's very quick selecting process. But on Saturday while making breakfast for Ardo (oh thats bjerry but we've been calling him Ardo, a nickname I think is so adorbs, and Im pretty fond of) abues (granny) said she was going to costco and asked if Ardo could come too. Well I got his diaper bag together quickly and they were on there way. Dada and I took advantage, and we were also off, on a target date, you could say.

While we were at Target getting our usually necessities I glanced to my right and came across a box of tissues. Not just any tissues tho, a box of PIG tissues. Oh I probably should have mentioned what a pig collector I am. Ive been collecting since I was 5 and my collection is pretty HUGE. I grabbed them with a giddy smile. Now that Im thinking about it I should have grabbed two. (oh well dada is just going to have to take me back)

We also grabbed another great find and a milestone. Ardos first official big boy toothbrush and toothpaste. I cant believe how fast he is growing. We bought a little finger toothbrush when Ardo was born to clean his gums and tongue, but this is official with 7 1/2 teeth and counting brushing is part of our bedtime routine.

A photo of Ardo at costco courtesy of Tia Saundra, just chillin in his cart, eating the raisin box. Why eat the actual raisins inside when the box is so much easier.


newtoothpaste pigtissues

This picture was also taken Saturday I asked Ardo to smile and he made this face. Im just in love with his personality.


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