My Mamas Birthday

It was my mamas birthday on Thursday. I just absolutely positively love this woman. I can wholeheartedly say she has helped mold me into the woman/mommy I am today. I say woman eventho I still think of myself as a girl, trying to be a woman. Now that my mom is a nana (thanks to me, you're welcome mommy) she flourishes as a nana. She buys the baby everything, she spends her time with him, and most of all she loves him completely, just completely.

My mom is so easy cause she every birthday she just wants to spend time with us kids, and of course Ardo (her little papas). We started with a very classy and expensive (pa! jk on the expensive) breakfast at Denny's. Hey when its your bday did you know you get to eat free?? Well moms did so we started there and ended the day at Auntie Denas house with Jason Tracey the kids and the very yummy yummy yummy Shakeys pizza. I could eat shakeys..............oh yeah every.single.day.

he was gonna order nanas breakfast but then remembered he only says mama-dada-baba-doh so he let us order instead

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It was a wonderful day!!

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