In our new series of My Buddy Mondays. Today My Buddy is.......... GOLIATH!! Hes a great buddy and just happens to be Ardo older brother but just by a year. Goliath is our lazy buddy. We brought Goliath home on a cold day all the way from Georgia (this is when we lived in Alabama). When Ardo was born Goliath instantly fell in love. Gentle Giant as I like to call him. Sometimes these two will plot against me. Ardo loves to throw his food over the side of his high chair for Goliath to gobble up. Ardo will even wait til I turn my head so he knows his buddy will get a treat. I try my best not to laugh and try to teach both of them no sharing food but alas there little plan always seem to work. I have to admit after having Goliath as our baby for 1 1/2 I thought he would be jealous of a baby and all the attention a baby comes with. Goliath sure proved me wrong and I think has become more lovable (if thats possible). 005 IMG_20120505_081516 IMG_20120505_081608 IMG_20120505_081449
A halloween buddy picture, matching outfits

This is the first picture these two buddies took together, The Story Began Here! goliathandbjerry345

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  1. I love how little boys get to grow up with their doggies. So cute!


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