My Buddy Mondays (oops its Tuesday)

I havent been feeling well the past couple of days. Actually Mothers Day I felt the worst. I kept thinking of course I would feel sick and in pain on a day thats supposed to be for me, kinda. If anything, feeling not so great on Mothers Day is such a humbling feeling, but we made the best of it. It also made me think, how on earth did I endure a natural labor, sheesh a little back pain and I thought it was the end of me. My point to all that is to say please excuse my day late My Buddy Mondays. Lets just pretend its yesterday, okay?

In todays addition My Buddy is................ LOGAN!! Logan has been our buddy for quite some time. Hes actually Marcys buddy 1st then all of our buddies later. When bjerry was born I remember thinking Ardo was going to idolize Logan, and boy does he. Logan is actually Olivers big brother. (you may remember oliver from here) And let me tell you Ardo's face lights up when Logan is around. He watches his every move. If I had to guess I would say Ardo's inter monologue is, "wow Logan is so cool, look at how he runs".
I am so happy/lucky to have Logan as a role model for my little guy.

loganandardo loganandardo2 loganandardo4

and just a little video of Logan and Ardo "racing". Logan wanted Ardo to win I think

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  1. Wow he's become quite the crawler! Go Jerry!


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