Another day, another dinner for my little man. Yesterday night mommy ventured out again. We've been pretty good with the food choices we've made for Ardo so far and basically as long as he gets veggies every meal, Im very happy. While at Sprouts the other day I saw chicken hot dogs and had an idea of hot dogs and veggies wrapped in a crescent roll. Can I just say those went over GREAT!! Ardo absolutely loved them!! The crescent rolls have flavor on there own so add a little more with the veggies and hot dog and we had one happy baby. I made a total of 4. Dinner for two nights. Ive added the ingredients below in case anyone wants to try. No directions because its pretty self explanatory. Oh and dont let this post fool you, I had one too so they're great for us adults too.

Chicken hot dogs (any hot dogs will do)
1 cup of mixed veggies
1 roll of pillsbury crescent rolls

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