Cooking for a One Year Old

I would have never guessed cooking for a one year old could be so much work. Oh how I miss the days of blending up any fruit or veggie and having "dinner" made. When Ardo started on his purees at 6 months sweet potato was his all time favorite. I remember thinking, "this is easy". Today things are a little different. I actually have to find recipes, cook, keep track of his veggie intake, grains, fruits...its can be exhausting! Im having a great time with it tho and since I came across this recipe here I thought Id share it with you. Ardo can be a very picky eater, its not so much the food as it is whether or not he feels like eating. However if there is something he cant pass up english muffin pizza or spinach nuggets, he suddenly becomes a gobble monster.

These are called Spinach Nuggets but its more like a spinach ball with breadcrumbs, either way, very tasty. Below is the recipe again and if anyone has any favorite recipes for there little one they'd like to shoot my way, Im all ears.

Spinach Nuggets (I also added a cup of mix veggies and it came out great)
1 16-oz package frozen chopped spinach, cooked, drained, and chopped further if needed
1 cup Seasoned bread crumbs
1 ½ cups shredded cheddar cheese
3 Large eggs
Heat oven to 375F
1. Lightly coat a baking sheet with olive oil and set aside.
2. Combine all remaining ingredients and mix well.
3. Shape mixture into nuggets or little balls like I did. I made a second batch of these and rolled them again with a little bread crumbs, it made them a crispier.
Bake for 20 to 25 minutes, turn nuggets over after 15 minutes. Serve warm


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