The Alleys

2 things I love 1) a beautiful day 2) shopping for deals, when those to things find there way together, uh did somebody say heaven!! The other day was a day like that, so my sisters and I thought perfect day for shopping. We made our way downtown to The Alleys. My youngest sister was on the hunt for a prom dress and all three of us were on the hunt for a deal. The Alleys for those of you that arent too familiar is an area in Downtown Los Angeles with street after street of some of the best deals around. Open shops of dresses, tops, jeans, purses, jewelry, shoes, I mean basically everything you could possibly need for as far as the eye can see, at reasonable prices. And if you get hungry the endless fruit and alley dogs are available at every corner. Just think of a mall only outside and if I havent drilled this yet.... with DEALS!!! Whenever I can find an excuse to get myself down there, I take the chance.
Our trip was a successful one we found a dress well under $100 and ended with an alley dog. Yum Yum

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