a 40th.

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No Im not 40, well not yet anyway. On Saturday we celebrated a beautiful 40th birthday for my lovely cousin Tracey. Actually Tracey isnt my "blood" cousin, but all that gets confusing, my-cousins-wife :: my-cousins-wifes-sister. So basically for me once you've married in, your my cousin. Deal with it. But really I just love Tracey. Her and my cousin Jason are the proud parents of Logan and Oliver! Some of Ardo's best buddies!! I loved theme parties and happily for me Tracey had a hawaiian theme and you know what that means, delicious hawaiian FOOD!! Oh my, was it good, and with a buffet mmmmmMmmmm. Oh Ive also come to another conclusion, cake pops have become my absolute favorite dessert, heres why, for me, its just enough, its sweeeeet and about two maybe three bites then done. I dont feel guilty after (okay, sometimes I eat two, then thats when all the guilt sets in, buuuut I really try to limit myself) but Ive got my fix. I wish there was a cake pop store, someone needs to get on that fast!! Until then, Happy 40th again Trac!!

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