Someones Sick

Insert sad face here. Ardo is sick with his first actual illness. My poor little guy. Friday started with a runny nose and a little fussiness, no biggie. Ardo is hoooorrible with teething, he didnt break his first tooth til he was 10 months but teethed bad for 5 months. So I figured oh he must be teething again. I did the norm, gave him a little tylenol to help with the pain gave him his bath a little early and made sure (as my mom would say) to love on him. Then Saturday the runny nose was full on, I figured the tooth would be coming through any minute. Saturday in the middle of the night he woke up screaming which has happened before when hes teething. We'll make him a bottle and put him back down, however this time it was different I touched him and he was HOT. I thought oh my god, his first fever! Yup after 13 months (thankfully) this was his first fever. So I put a cool cloth on him, continued with his bottle, he barely had a fever at 99.8 so I still figured wow maybe this is a molar, causing all this trouble. But Sunday it was a different story, he was SICK he slept most of the day (so unlike him) and wasn't playing he wasn't lethargic per say but for a 13 month old to just want to be held and not play with his any of his toys around, this baby was sick. We then thought oh no maybe hes actually sick and its not teething cause hes never acted like this before, plus he still had his fever. We would get it under control but it would just come back. We didn't feel the need to take him to the ER because it was a slight fever never above 101 its just the thing was relentless. THEN THE WORSE PART HAPPENED.........HE GOT A RASH. It started with a few bumps on his face I thought was due to the fever, but then it was EVERYWHERE!! All over his legs, arms, some on the back but worse of all his face. Okay this was NOT okay so off to urgent care we go. We put a call into our pedatrician and he said this sounded normal with a virus. The problem with that tho he said, if he has a virus you have to let it run its course. Make him as comfy as possible but the virus will run its course the rash will go away and he will be okay. WAIT! No, shouldn't we take him to the ER?? Nope Dr said I know its hard but he'll be okay. We had an appointment today with our pediatrician and indeed he was right. He said it looked very much like a well known baby virus called roseola but it wasn't quite roseola. Ardo was brave and had his blood drawn to pinpoint exactly what it is. The rash is still present and will probably start to go away in the next few days. Til then we are giving him WHATEVER he wants. I am happy to report that after 3 days he finally had a good solid food feeding today. I am hoping and praying for more and better days to come. Sick babies = sad mommy and daddys.



My Buddy Mondays - Memorial Day Edition!

halloweenandardo 268moustache

Today in this holiday edition of My Buddy Mondays my buddy is...........Daddy. The reason we have chosen Daddy today is because Daddy serves our country in the Air Force. What better day to make him My Buddy Mondays than a day that honors him and men and women like him. I have a feeling Daddy will be My Buddy again at some point but Ardo and I both figured today was pefect. Daddy is so such a special person, not just because hes our dad but because serves our country so selflessly and then comes home with a smile on his face everyday. No Daddy isn't fighting a war on a daily basis but the thing about that is.....with one phone call, he very well could. So today we honor Daddy as our Buddy.


A Standing BayBay

Someones been standing................on his own!! You know I have mixed emotions about this next step. Of course I want Ardo to walk and take the next step (ha! literally) buuuut I cant help but be afraid. Walking is official, its mean actual toddler-hood. I guess he's toddle-ing now but walking, thats just a horse of a different color. He'll be a little person walking around. Oh its hard to think about it. This is the one step, Im not pushing. When Ardo was 6 months and not really sitting up on his own, I pushed him a little, when he didnt want to feed himself again a little push, but this Im letting him do when he is ready, and Im happy about it. He'll stand for a few seconds and then plop down wherever he wants. Then stand up and down again, I suppose it's a little game. I can see how proud of himself he is everytime hes stands for just a few seconds longer. And that makes my heart smile.

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hes standing in his new living room, in our new apartment, more to come on exciting moving news veeery soon

oh then nina took a video...again

My Mamas Birthday

It was my mamas birthday on Thursday. I just absolutely positively love this woman. I can wholeheartedly say she has helped mold me into the woman/mommy I am today. I say woman eventho I still think of myself as a girl, trying to be a woman. Now that my mom is a nana (thanks to me, you're welcome mommy) she flourishes as a nana. She buys the baby everything, she spends her time with him, and most of all she loves him completely, just completely.

My mom is so easy cause she every birthday she just wants to spend time with us kids, and of course Ardo (her little papas). We started with a very classy and expensive (pa! jk on the expensive) breakfast at Denny's. Hey when its your bday did you know you get to eat free?? Well moms did so we started there and ended the day at Auntie Denas house with Jason Tracey the kids and the very yummy yummy yummy Shakeys pizza. I could eat shakeys..............oh yeah every.single.day.

he was gonna order nanas breakfast but then remembered he only says mama-dada-baba-doh so he let us order instead

428 470 514 picmonkeymama
It was a wonderful day!!


My Buddy Mondays (oops its Wednesday, how is it possible Im getting worse)


Okay I know, Im terrible. I should just rename this segment my buddy any day of the week!! I promise Ill do better next week (well Im hoping) In this edition of My Buddy Mondays my buddy is................Mickeys Firetruck! Someone took a little trip with nana and nina to babies r us and had a field day with Mickeys Firetruck. I have to say Im impressed at his ability to hold the steering wheel as if hes going somewhere!!

oh then nina took a video


Saturday Finds

On Saturday mama and dada took a little trip to target, whats the big deal you ask??? Well we were alone! Yup just us browsing the aisles slowly or quickly, whateeeever we wanted. I actually read the labels of a few face washes before I purchased them. Almost unheard of when you're a mama shopping with your boo. Usually I research beforehand so I know exactly what Im going to get to or I just go for the most familiar one. Either way, it's very quick selecting process. But on Saturday while making breakfast for Ardo (oh thats bjerry but we've been calling him Ardo, a nickname I think is so adorbs, and Im pretty fond of) abues (granny) said she was going to costco and asked if Ardo could come too. Well I got his diaper bag together quickly and they were on there way. Dada and I took advantage, and we were also off, on a target date, you could say.

While we were at Target getting our usually necessities I glanced to my right and came across a box of tissues. Not just any tissues tho, a box of PIG tissues. Oh I probably should have mentioned what a pig collector I am. Ive been collecting since I was 5 and my collection is pretty HUGE. I grabbed them with a giddy smile. Now that Im thinking about it I should have grabbed two. (oh well dada is just going to have to take me back)

We also grabbed another great find and a milestone. Ardos first official big boy toothbrush and toothpaste. I cant believe how fast he is growing. We bought a little finger toothbrush when Ardo was born to clean his gums and tongue, but this is official with 7 1/2 teeth and counting brushing is part of our bedtime routine.

A photo of Ardo at costco courtesy of Tia Saundra, just chillin in his cart, eating the raisin box. Why eat the actual raisins inside when the box is so much easier.


newtoothpaste pigtissues

This picture was also taken Saturday I asked Ardo to smile and he made this face. Im just in love with his personality.



a 40th.

tracysbday4 tracysbday6

No Im not 40, well not yet anyway. On Saturday we celebrated a beautiful 40th birthday for my lovely cousin Tracey. Actually Tracey isnt my "blood" cousin, but all that gets confusing, my-cousins-wife :: my-cousins-wifes-sister. So basically for me once you've married in, your my cousin. Deal with it. But really I just love Tracey. Her and my cousin Jason are the proud parents of Logan and Oliver! Some of Ardo's best buddies!! I loved theme parties and happily for me Tracey had a hawaiian theme and you know what that means, delicious hawaiian FOOD!! Oh my, was it good, and with a buffet mmmmmMmmmm. Oh Ive also come to another conclusion, cake pops have become my absolute favorite dessert, heres why, for me, its just enough, its sweeeeet and about two maybe three bites then done. I dont feel guilty after (okay, sometimes I eat two, then thats when all the guilt sets in, buuuut I really try to limit myself) but Ive got my fix. I wish there was a cake pop store, someone needs to get on that fast!! Until then, Happy 40th again Trac!!

tracysbday1 tracysbday8 tracysbday3 tracysbday5


My Buddy Mondays (oops its Tuesday)

I havent been feeling well the past couple of days. Actually Mothers Day I felt the worst. I kept thinking of course I would feel sick and in pain on a day thats supposed to be for me, kinda. If anything, feeling not so great on Mothers Day is such a humbling feeling, but we made the best of it. It also made me think, how on earth did I endure a natural labor, sheesh a little back pain and I thought it was the end of me. My point to all that is to say please excuse my day late My Buddy Mondays. Lets just pretend its yesterday, okay?

In todays addition My Buddy is................ LOGAN!! Logan has been our buddy for quite some time. Hes actually Marcys buddy 1st then all of our buddies later. When bjerry was born I remember thinking Ardo was going to idolize Logan, and boy does he. Logan is actually Olivers big brother. (you may remember oliver from here) And let me tell you Ardo's face lights up when Logan is around. He watches his every move. If I had to guess I would say Ardo's inter monologue is, "wow Logan is so cool, look at how he runs".
I am so happy/lucky to have Logan as a role model for my little guy.

loganandardo loganandardo2 loganandardo4

and just a little video of Logan and Ardo "racing". Logan wanted Ardo to win I think



Another day, another dinner for my little man. Yesterday night mommy ventured out again. We've been pretty good with the food choices we've made for Ardo so far and basically as long as he gets veggies every meal, Im very happy. While at Sprouts the other day I saw chicken hot dogs and had an idea of hot dogs and veggies wrapped in a crescent roll. Can I just say those went over GREAT!! Ardo absolutely loved them!! The crescent rolls have flavor on there own so add a little more with the veggies and hot dog and we had one happy baby. I made a total of 4. Dinner for two nights. Ive added the ingredients below in case anyone wants to try. No directions because its pretty self explanatory. Oh and dont let this post fool you, I had one too so they're great for us adults too.

Chicken hot dogs (any hot dogs will do)
1 cup of mixed veggies
1 roll of pillsbury crescent rolls

017 (3)


The Alleys

2 things I love 1) a beautiful day 2) shopping for deals, when those to things find there way together, uh did somebody say heaven!! The other day was a day like that, so my sisters and I thought perfect day for shopping. We made our way downtown to The Alleys. My youngest sister was on the hunt for a prom dress and all three of us were on the hunt for a deal. The Alleys for those of you that arent too familiar is an area in Downtown Los Angeles with street after street of some of the best deals around. Open shops of dresses, tops, jeans, purses, jewelry, shoes, I mean basically everything you could possibly need for as far as the eye can see, at reasonable prices. And if you get hungry the endless fruit and alley dogs are available at every corner. Just think of a mall only outside and if I havent drilled this yet.... with DEALS!!! Whenever I can find an excuse to get myself down there, I take the chance.
Our trip was a successful one we found a dress well under $100 and ended with an alley dog. Yum Yum


Cooking for a One Year Old

I would have never guessed cooking for a one year old could be so much work. Oh how I miss the days of blending up any fruit or veggie and having "dinner" made. When Ardo started on his purees at 6 months sweet potato was his all time favorite. I remember thinking, "this is easy". Today things are a little different. I actually have to find recipes, cook, keep track of his veggie intake, grains, fruits...its can be exhausting! Im having a great time with it tho and since I came across this recipe here I thought Id share it with you. Ardo can be a very picky eater, its not so much the food as it is whether or not he feels like eating. However if there is something he cant pass up english muffin pizza or spinach nuggets, he suddenly becomes a gobble monster.

These are called Spinach Nuggets but its more like a spinach ball with breadcrumbs, either way, very tasty. Below is the recipe again and if anyone has any favorite recipes for there little one they'd like to shoot my way, Im all ears.

Spinach Nuggets (I also added a cup of mix veggies and it came out great)
1 16-oz package frozen chopped spinach, cooked, drained, and chopped further if needed
1 cup Seasoned bread crumbs
1 ½ cups shredded cheddar cheese
3 Large eggs
Heat oven to 375F
1. Lightly coat a baking sheet with olive oil and set aside.
2. Combine all remaining ingredients and mix well.
3. Shape mixture into nuggets or little balls like I did. I made a second batch of these and rolled them again with a little bread crumbs, it made them a crispier.
Bake for 20 to 25 minutes, turn nuggets over after 15 minutes. Serve warm




In our new series of My Buddy Mondays. Today My Buddy is.......... GOLIATH!! Hes a great buddy and just happens to be Ardo older brother but just by a year. Goliath is our lazy buddy. We brought Goliath home on a cold day all the way from Georgia (this is when we lived in Alabama). When Ardo was born Goliath instantly fell in love. Gentle Giant as I like to call him. Sometimes these two will plot against me. Ardo loves to throw his food over the side of his high chair for Goliath to gobble up. Ardo will even wait til I turn my head so he knows his buddy will get a treat. I try my best not to laugh and try to teach both of them no sharing food but alas there little plan always seem to work. I have to admit after having Goliath as our baby for 1 1/2 I thought he would be jealous of a baby and all the attention a baby comes with. Goliath sure proved me wrong and I think has become more lovable (if thats possible). 005 IMG_20120505_081516 IMG_20120505_081608 IMG_20120505_081449
A halloween buddy picture, matching outfits

This is the first picture these two buddies took together, The Story Began Here! goliathandbjerry345

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