In honor of dadas birthday today yesterday Ardo and I took him to Pinks. I havent been here in probably......4 years. Its crazy we live in such a central place where hollywood is literally 20mins away and we visit there maybe....NEVER. Its just one of those things we never think to go, the traffic probably has something to do with our decision. Depriving myself from the world famous Pinks tho really made me appreciate it yesterday. Oh another thing about Pinks you have to time it perfectly cause the lines can be MASSIVE!! I was worried Ardo wasnt going to want to wait and to my surprise he was the happiest little thing for the 20 minutes we waited (by the by 20 mins is nothing Ive waited 2 hours before). He wasnt fussy, he let us hold him, he did try and touch strangers but hey one thing at a time.
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no pinks for him yet, but we gave him raisins, that's kinda the same thing right?

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